10 Best Timeless Watches

By Chanel Dror

While I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to my jewelry, a simple wristwatch has played a recurring role in my daily accessorizing for years. I’ll be honest, at first I simply loved the way it looked, but once I got in the habit of casually glancing at my wrist to check the time (versus using it as another excuse to look at my cell phone), wearing a watch became less about style and more about functionality. And how great is it to wear an accessory that takes care of both?

It feels like the classic, round face wristwatch is making a major comeback these days, with hip brands like Daniel Wellington and Shore Projects emerging to offer us elegant designs we can actually afford. On the hunt for a new piece of arm candy? Look no further than this slideshow for 10 timepieces that caught our eye…

ASOS Cut Out Detail Strap Watch 

Void Watch in Brushed Beige

Oasis Floral Print Dial Pink Leather Watch

Shinola 34mm Birdy Yellow Golden Double-Wrap Watch

Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield

ASOS Minimal Mesh Large Face Watch

Fendi Timepieces 36mm My Way Watch in Red

Olivia Burton Big Dial Rose Gold Watch

Hermés Timepieces Arceau Automatic Watch on a Barenia Strap

Larsson & Jennings ‘Läder’ Leather Strap Watch, 40mm