Wake Up Call

“I’ve Learned to Make Every Yes Count”—Daily Drills Co-Founder, Mary Ralph Bradley, on Building Her Buzzy Brand

Plus why she swears by a morning “walkie-talkie.”

By Isabelle Eyman
Photography Michelle Nash
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Brands come and go, but those that blend a compelling story with a beautiful product stick in our minds forever. Daily Drills—with its much-anticipated collection drops and uniform of everyday essentials—checks every box. But more than that, the pieces evoke a refreshing ethos of leisure. Communicated through innovative colors and comfy, elevated fits, Daily Drills is a go-to for playful styles and a wardrobe of timeless, dopamine-boosting clothes. The brand confirms: we need to make time for rest, play, and for ourselves to live a purposeful, grounded life.

Given a peek inside Mary Ralph Bradley’s life, co-founder of Daily Drills, it’s obvious that the brand is inspired by the rituals that she and her co-founder (and best friend!), Kennedy Crichlow, practice daily. Her lifestyle evokes a laid-back, but intentional approach, with a schedule that’s punctuated by beach walks, ocean dips, and many an Aperol spritz. In a day and age where a brand’s success is largely driven by a captivating origin story, we look to the founders as an extension of the lifestyle being sold. With a window into Bradley’s world, it’s evident (obvious) that she is the real beach-loving, sunset-chasing deal.


Mary Ralph Bradley on Cultivating an Energizing Daily Routine

Bradley embodies a launch-and-adjust approach. While some stay stuck in the ideation process for years, Bradley and her co-founder, Kennedy Crichlow, decided simply to take the leap. “I had always dreamed of having my own clothing company,” says Bradley. When Crichlow approached her with the opportunity to launch an apparel brand, Bradley knew this was her chance. “A week later, we had a brand name and logo, an LLC in a month, and released our first collection just four months later.”

It’s proof that, with passion driving your decisions and an aligned product set in place, anything is possible—and success is well within reach. Ahead, we spoke with Bradley at her southern California home about everything from curating a decidedly Cali-cool vibe to the biggest learnings she’s gathered at every step of her journey. And from our conversation alone, it’s clear: Mary Ralph Bradley is just getting started.


Tell us about your career and starting a business. What has life been like as an entrepreneur?

Life has been a crazy fun ride over the last three years. Daily Drills was born in 2020 when Kennedy sent me a text that she wanted to start a clothing line. I was currently running my own social media business with my sister, but had always dreamed of having my own clothing company. So I took the leap and said yes! A week later, we had a brand name and logo, an LLC in a month, and released our first collection just four months later. 

I started Daily Drills from my Brentwood apartment just one year after graduating college and now I am married, with an office and a full team just a mile away from my house in Palisades! The whole journey has been lots of fun, lots of learning, lots of what-are-we-gonna-dos and even more I-can’t-believe-we-did-that’s!

The best part of it all is that I get to do it alongside my best friend and business partner. No matter what happens, I always have someone to ‘cheers’ with after the good moments and someone to share the burden with after the tough ones. 


What have been your biggest learnings over the past year? 

  • Life doesn’t always go to plan and that’s okay!
  • Things are better as “we.” Just because I can do it on my own doesn’t mean I have to! Everything is better as a team, whether it’s with my business partner or in my marriage. 
  • Quality is better than quantity! One of my mottos is to say yes often, but say no enough to make your yes’s count. I love being spontaneous and saying yes, but I don’t have to say yes to everything. I’ve learned to use my yes’s wisely, and make them count. 

In a few words, how would you describe your personal style? 

Effortless. Oversized. Styled. 

Let’s get into your morning routine. What does a typical day look like for you? 

My mornings always start with a walk with my husband to the Palisades Village to pick up my favorite coconut iced tea from Alfred. Then I head back to the house to get ready for the day.

I pick out an outfit, style my hair, do my makeup, water the plants, freshen up the house, and head out the door. Oh and film my ootd! 

My office is a bit less than a mile from my house so I get there around 9. I work hard in the AM until lunch around 12. Have another wave of work in the office until 5. Then I head home and do any filming/brand partnerships I have that day. After that, I eat dinner with Houston [my husband], sometimes watch a show, and head to bed! 


What time is your wake-up call?

6:30 a.m. is my ideal. The coffee shop opens at 7, so that’s when you will see me there. Nine hours of sleep is ideal, but I have been catching lots of red-eyes as of late, so sometimes I’m not as lucky.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? 

Open the window shades for natural light and make my bed.

What does your morning, pre-work routine look like?

Love a morning walk and talk—a walkie-talkie! I love how it sets the pace for the day, gets in some vitamin D, and allows space for my husband and I to chat with each other about the day. Or, if he’s not with me, it is the perfect time to call my sister or my mom and catch up.

What are your morning beauty routine essentials?

After my walk, I will shower off and do my makeup for the day. I like to keep it simple.

What do you eat for breakfast?

I usually don’t do breakfast before work. I’m an iced white coconut tea girl! I always feel better waiting until 11 or 12 to eat.

What will we always find in your refrigerator? 

I am more of a *a la carte* refrigerator girl. Aka, sparkling water, stuff for charcuterie, a bottle of wine, and some fruit from the farmer’s market.


What are your morning rituals? 

Walk, Talk, Tea, Ready, OOTD, Go! 

What are your favorite books? 

Loves Does by Bob Goff.

What’s always on your nightstand?

A glass of water to drink in the AM, my Hatch alarm (it’s the way to wake up), a jewelry dish, and my phone.


What’s your favorite getting-ready soundtrack? 

Always a country girl! I say, “Alexa, play today’s hot country!” 

Do you work out in the morning? 

Always a walk. I love to do Pilates at a local studio 1 to 2 times a week and love to add a Megan Roup Sculpt Society after my walk a few times a week.

What’s your daily uniform?

Walk: Daily Drills Go! Set 

Work Uni: White tee, jeans (winter), poplin shorts (Summer), a sweater (Jenni Kayne) in my bag, tennis shoes, and a work bag.


If you had one extra hour every morning, how would you use it? 

I would love to do an ocean dip every AM if I had the time to wash my hair!

What are one or two things you do every day to live a more present life? 

My husband and I love our “Gentle Hours.” We started this during Covid. We try not to work, look at the news, or bring up stressful or work-related conversations from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. This has helped a ton and my friends know this about us so they help us keep ‘em gentle.


If you could pin your success down to one thing, what would that be?

I think I have always been myself… true to things I love and have always been consistent. When I set my mind to something I will find a way to get it done. I have been like this since I was little. 


Sentence Finishers:

I never leave the house without: an iced green tea or sparkling beverage of sorts! 

If there were more hours in the day, I would: jump in the ocean… stretch… drink more water. 

Healthiest morning habit: make my bed.

Worst morning habit: I snooze my alarm once.

One thing I want to be known for is: my kindness 

The one thing I fear the most: the dark! 

When I feel that fear, I: set the house alarm hahaha and put on a worship song. 

The book I always recommend is: Love Does by Bob Goff.

One trait you need to succeed in life is: good humor.

Bath or shower? What’s your favorite shower/bath product? Shower! Neutrogena Body Wash and Oil.