Mini Skirt + Sneakers

By Taylor Jarrett
Fashion Sweatshirt with Mini Skirt + Classic Adidas Sneakers, Austin Street Style

*ed note: This week’s edition of Pulling It Off was inspired by a personal wardrobe challenge. Like the rest of the planet, I’ve started wearing sneakers with just about every type of outfit, except for one that has continue to stump me: skirts! Every time I donned a skirt + sneakers combo, the look ended up feeling frumpy, so with the onset of warmer temps (and mini skirts on the horizon), I begged our resident stylist Taylor to help me nail the look. Keep reading for his tips! 

Spring is here, which means fashion is taking a much-needed breath of fresh air as we anticipate Saturday mornings spent with friends at the farmer’s market or soaking up rays at Barton Springs. That said; neither of these hotspots will call for high heels and tight dresses… bring on the sneakers!

photos by kate lesueur

Tip #1: Play with proportions.

When pairing sneakers with skirts, proportion is paramount to not looking like your high school self. I like to stay in the mini (a couple inches above the knee) to midi (a couple inches below the knee) range, which also has the side benefit of highlighting your new statement pair of sneaks.

Tip #2: Tuck the top.

This particular top is banded at the bottom which shows off the waistline, but most other tops will benefit from being tucked in in order to convey a polished, trim vibe.

Tip #3: Keep it minimal.  

This summertime look is more streamlined and sporty: think “errand running” not “Coachella.” Since every casual day does not call for a band tee, try keeping the look modern and sleek with solids.

Tip #4: Stay low, it’s key.

Making high top sneakers look flattering is a major fashion challenge to begin with; pairing them with a mini skirt is even tougher. Instead of trying to force it, my advice is to pair your low tops with skirts, and reserve the high tops for easier to pull-off pants combos.

Tip #5: You do you.

The most important thing is to try it on and experiment. With a look like this, the only way to know if it works is to spend some time in front of a full-length mirror, and remember that what looks great on an off-duty model may not work with your body type. Also keep in mind that all sneakers are not created equal in the comfort department. Try them on, wear them around, and make sure you’ll actually be able to enjoy your new investment.

I love sneakers because they tell a story: a story about you and the places you’ll go in them. They’re about movement, freedom, and making the most of your day. Enjoy the process of finding your perfect pair that’ll carry you on your adventures, whether they’re faraway or on the streets of your hometown.

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