While we know that a physical gift is but a small token of appreciation for the incredible gift of love, guidance, and support that our fathers have given us throughout our lives (some of which we can never repay), at least it’s a start. When it comes to what to buy, we can all agree they are notoriously tricky. So, in an attempt to help all of you reading this who are struggling too, I called on the Camille Styles team to share not only the gifts they spoiled mom with this year, but also what they’re planning to gift dad to create the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide.

Before we dive in, we want to acknowledge that everyone’s experience with Father’s Day is very different. For those of us who have close connections with our paternal figures, there are equal numbers who don’t. Some are strained, while others are lost, and we honor each and every one of those relationships.

If you’re looking for something unique to spoil the one you love, then scroll through our Father’s Day gift guide—there’s something for every dad!

Pilgrim Surf Supply All-Weather Bag

Why I’m Gifting It: Any chance my husband gets, he beelines it out to Lake Austin, breaks out his kiteboard, and surfs along the water without a care in the world. Since he’s anything but a golf-on-the-weekend dad, we’ll be gifting something more his speed this Father’s Day: a surf kit complete with an all-weather bag from hipster surf company Pilgrim. And inside? A classic and easygoing swimsuit, which inevitably he’ll pretty much live in year-round. — Anne Campbell, Contributing Editor

Solid & Striped ‘The Classic’ Fresh Air Swim Suit

Theragun Mini

Why I’m Gifting It: This year I’m giving the gift of “recovery.” My Dad is in his 60’s and jumps on his Peloton bike every Monday-Friday before my alarm even goes off at 6:00 am, then he’s out the door early for a full day of work, often taking very little time to rest, and recharge. We’re hoping this tool (that I’m absolutely obsessed with) will help him slow down and take some time to stretch and recover so his body feels great. — Kelly Krause, Contributing Editor

Vuori Ripstop Climber Pant

One of mine and Adam’s favorite ways to experience a new place together is by exploring one of its hiking trails–we’ve hiked together in Mexico, Italy, France, and Costa Rica, and I treasure those memories! I’m helping him embrace this spirit of adventure with Vuori’s Ripstop Climber Pants that can take him from the trail to post-hike cocktails. I love this shade of indigo, and the slim-fit ensures they look as cool as they feel. –Camille Styles, editor-in-chief

Crossrope ‘Get Strong’ Jump Rope

Why I’m Gifting It: Eight years later, and my husband is still impossible to shop for. Truthfully, it’s equal parts stressful and endearing. He also much prefers to give gifts than receive them, a constant lesson in The Five Love Languages. My dad, on the other hand? He will gladly accept a homemade card over anything else. The solution: this new-age, multi-functional jump rope. As busy fathers, short (but effective) workouts are where it’s at. Crossrope also offers free jump rope classes through their app. So, give the gift of self-care this Father’s Day. — Edie Horstman, Wellness Contributor

Hilton Carter Ceramic Watering Can

Why I’m Gifting It: Admittedly, I’ll benefit as much from this gift as Adam will, but we’ve started a tradition of buying each other indoor trees since we both share a passion for plants. This ceramic watering can is part of the gorgeous Hilton Carter collection at Target right now—the faux plants are next-level. I’ll likely pick up a real rubber tree to go with this watering can, but I’m tempted to go the no-maintenance route with this incredibly realistic-looking version. — Camille Styles, Editor-in-Chief

Noah Winged Foot Pull-Over Zip Sweatshirt

Why I’m Gifting It: My husband loves to golf, and getting him anything golf-related is an easy go-to. I prescribe to the, “look good, play good” philosophy. I typically find golf clothing to be a little on the preppy side, so I’m taking a chance with some non-traditional items to mix up his looks. His best friend gave me some parameters; comfort and performance material is ideal, but I took that with a grain of salt. Worst case, he can wear these picks in his everyday life if they don’t work for golf. — Brandy Joy Smith, Contributing Editor

CB2 Wooden Picture Frame with Personal Photo

Why I’m Gifting It: My dad is a simple man whose biggest joy is his family. Well, that and golf. He has never been one for materialistic things, which makes it difficult to decide what to get him. I’ve figured out that nothing makes him happier than a photo of him with his daughters that he can set up in his closet or office to look at throughout the day. Sometimes a framed photo and a sweet letter are all it takes to make someone smile. — Bridget Chambers, Editorial and Social Media Intern

MOBOT Foam Roller Water Bottle

Why I’m Gifting It: Real talk: my Dad takes better care of his body than anyone in my family. Between yoga classes, peloton rides, cryotherapy sessions, and chiropractor visits, he’s always stretching religiously. I wouldn’t put it past him to pack a foam roller into his suitcase, but this water bottle might be a little easier to bring along when he’s on the move. Small but mighty, it’s meant to serve double duty as both a water bottle and foam roller. He’s going to be obsessed! — Michelle Nash, Senior Producer

Bravo Sierra Active Set

Why I’m Gifting It: Keeping things simple is key when it comes to skincare for my husband, so this father’s day we’re gifting him a set that strips it down to the bare minimum while still nourishing and protecting his skin. I recently discovered Bravo Sierra and I like that they have multi-tasking products like their solid cleanser bar for the hair, face, and body that’s soap- and sulfate-free with shea butter and oat flour and neutral woody scent of white vetiver and cedarwood. It’s also clean and lasts 30-40 showers.

Solento Reposado Tequila

Why I’m Gifting It: There’s nothing my husband loves more than to indulge in conversation while a record is spinning as he sips on reposado tequila. This one by Solento is a USDA-certified organic sipping tequila, made from 100% organic blue agave in small batches from a single estate. But what makes this tequila’s flavor so special is its resting place: it sits in American Oak barrels for nine months to form slightly sweeter notes of homemade caramel and cooked agave. It’s perfect over ice with a slice of lemon.

Heretic Parfum Dirty Grass 50ML

Why I’m Gifting It: I bought this for my husband on our recent wedding anniversary after reading many online reviews—and it stacks up! Aside from the cool name, the scent of calming vetiver, fresh lemon, and Galbanum make for a highly sophisticated perfume. It’s unlike any other vetiver scent I’ve smelled before with a subtle earthy freshness and a touch of hemp-derived CBD also adds to its character and charm. Highly recommend!

Hunter Lab Essentials Kit

Why I’m Gifting It: My husband has been taking more care of his skin in recent years (maybe my obsession is finally rubbing off) but he surprised me recently when he bought a facial scrub—and he really loves it! This Hunter Lab kit only comes with two essentials—a cleansing facial scrub to gently exfoliate and a daily face fuel for deep hydration. Two products make it easy for dads to take care of their skin and minimal steps also mean they’ll stick to it.

P.E Nation Unisex Contender Sweat in Tanin

Why I’m Gifting It: Buying clothing for anyone is generally considered pretty risky but this shirt is unisex so if your dad doesn’t like it, guess who gets to wear it? But in all seriousness, the style and color would work well on anyone and it has a comfortable oversized fit.

Vintage Backgammon Set

Why I’m Gifting It: There’s nothing quite like an adult game night to connect with your dad (and the whole family)—it’s a great form of bonding, especially if your dad isn’t a big talker. I love this vintage Backgammon set because even if your dad doesn’t play, they’ll love the look of this nostalgic throwback and be inspired to learn how.

Diptyque Feu de Bois Scented Candle

Why I’m Gifting It: I know, I know… a candle for Father’s Day—groundbreaking! But I have gifted this candle to so many people and it never fails to impress. This is one of the most classic fragrances from the Diptyque line and while it is more suited to a fall/winter mood, it smells too good not to burn it any time of year. If you want to really go big this year, give your dad the floor candle with five wicks—it’s as John Meyer says “foh da boisss,” haha!

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