It seems like winter hit hard and FAST this year, and with it, the dry, harsh weather (and indoor heating!) that makes me feel like I’m shriveling up like a prune. I’ve had to seriously up my hydration game from head to toe, but the neediest part of my body is for sure my lips. I have balms and treatments stashed all over my house and in every bag—and if, god forbid, I find myself without anything to swipe on my perennially dry pout, I feel sliiightly panicky.

If you too are finding yourself in the dry-lip battle of winter 2018/2019, first of all: I am so sorry. Second of all, I’m here to help! ‘Tis the season where all of our favorite beauty brands are hearing our parched-pout pleas and coming to the rescue with scrubs, masks and balms to keep the dreaded chap away. Read on to discover some of the coolest innovations in lip balms—including one that I worked on myself!

featured image by the christelle factor

Kopari Lip Scrubby

If your lips are dry, flaky, and/or cracked, there’s no point in applying balm until you exfoliate—you want to moisturize fresh, alive skin cells, not dead ones! To prep your lips for balm, start with a scrub like this pick from Kopari that uses volcanic ash to smooth (cool, right?). Plus, the fact that it’s called a “lip scrubby” just makes me smile.

Amorepacific Dual Nourishing Lip Serum

If you’re dealing with serious chapped lips, consider adding a serum to your treatment routine. This luxurious pick mixes oil and water to create the perfect nourishing base for your balm.

Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment Zodiac Edition by Fresh

Speaking of balm: this is the product launch that I worked on! Fresh collaborated with celeb astrologist Susan Miller to launch Zodiac Advanced Therapy lip treatments this year, and they are awesome! Each tube is illustrated with the color that best represents the sign. I’m definitely getting these for alll of my best girlfriends this year. And PS, make sure that while you shop, you check out your horoscope for 2019—they were all edited by yours truly!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Now a cult classic, this overnight treatment packs in a ton of hylaluronic acid, to heal and hydrate overnight.

Winky Lux Matcha Lip Balm

A matcha-infused lip balm? Yasssss. This green-tea-powder infused bullet includes coconut and avocado oils for a deliciously smooth pout.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hyaluronic Marine Collagen Lip Cushion

If you’re looking to both hydrate and increase the volume of your lips, this innovative “lip cushion” by Dr. Dennis Gross combines hyaluronic acid with marine algae and antioxidants to heal and increase plumpness.

Clinique Pep Start Pout Restoring Night Mask

This overnight mask is the perfect overnight treatment—but it’s also the perfect prep step if you’re going to be wearing some serious lipstick. Hello, holiday party season!



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