How to Wear a Statement Choker

By Taylor Jarrett
rosé and round sunnies at poolside bar, south congress hotel, austin

ed note: Taylor Jarrett, creative director, stylist, and studio owner has recently captivated our entire team with his incredible taste and creative approach to getting dressed. In our newly relaunched Pulling It Off series, he’ll be showing me how to wear one bold fashion statement paired with my usual classic looks. Today, we’re kicking things off with an incredible statement choker (and cuff), and Taylor’s tips on pulling off the look for fall. Click through the slides for how I wore it at South Congress Hotel a couple weeks ago, plus our favorite links and sources for the season’s best statement jewelry. And we’d love to hear in the comments what you think of this look — and if there are any bold pieces you’re dying to try out this fall!

*photos by kristen kilpatrick, shot on location at south congress hotel in austin


Statement jewelry is especially great for the cooler months heading into fall as we find ourselves torn between covering up and keeping things a little bit sexy. It adds depth and layers to our outfits and also gives life to our basics. The key to wearing statement jewelry is to approach it as a personal statement; an opportunity to tell a story about ourselves, our travels, and our inspirations through fashion.

When putting together this look, my goal was to find something that would complement Camille’s everyday hustle — from running her kids to school to work meetings to catching up with friends over a glass of rosé at South Congress Hotel. This outfit is transitional for the changing seasons and includes pieces that spark conversation, especially the taupe and bubble gum bottom Acne Boots and the statement-making vintage cuff and necklace set from Garment Modern. At first glance, this outfit is about the jewelry, but it really works because we laid the foundation with a crisp white dress that features slim tailoring and functional buttons that let the jewelry take center stage.

Keep reading for Taylor’s tips on pulling off the look…

Tip #1: Be inspired

When styling an outfit, I’m deeply inspired by my surroundings, and I personally love searching and referencing back to art that’s meant something to me in the past. Whether inspiration comes from a painting, a photo, the runway or your most recent trip, use these as launching points when planning your outfit.

Tip #2: Choose the right materials

Interesting and unexpected materials can really transform a look. Make a personal statement by incorporating your birthstone or show off the last remnants of a summer tan with a silver or gold choker that pops next to soft fabrics. Mixing different materials enhances your outfit and tells a unique story.

Tip #3: Tell a story

Finding great statement jewelry takes time, patience, and the ability to always keep your eyes open to an unexpected treasure. Part of jewelry’s power is the story behind it, so travel, dig, and find something unique!

Tip #4: Think outside the box

If you want to show off a new chunky cuff, your first instinct might be to grab your go-to sleeveless cami. But for fall, why not try a slightly more sophisticated approach: a freshly pressed button down shirt from your boyfriend’s closet with the sleeves casually rolled up?

Tip #5: Keep it simple

Statement jewelry is a little like plastic surgery: easily overdone and all too often, it looks botched. When walking out the door, take a cue from Coco and check yourself before you wreck yourself. Or in her words, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Shopping sources:

  • Vintage necklace and cuff, available in store at Garment, Modern + Vintage
  • Dress, by Public School, available at By George on South Congress or online
  • Sunglasses, by Mykita x Maison Martin Margiela, available at By George on South Congress or online
  • Shoes, by Acne Studios, available at By George Soco or online

and huge thanks to the team that collaborated on this story!