Strobing Makeup Technique

By Jenn Rose Smith
Strobing Makeup Technique -- wow very coolStrobing Makeup Technique -- wow very cool

Strobing Makeup Tutorial

Makeup artist Laura Martinez has literally flawless skin every time we see her, so we couldn’t wait to learn her secrets for strobing. (PS: In case you haven’t already heard, strobing is the newest all-the-rage makeup technique that utilizes highlighting and illusion to create your best face possible.) We already know that strobing helps to visually “shape” the face, so does that mean it’s the same as contouring? “No,” explains Laura. “It’s actually the opposite of contouring. When you’re contouring, you’re using makeup to add shadows and darker areas to the face. And when you’re strobing, you’re adding the light. It’s all about focusing on the high point of the face and giving your skin a more youthful and healthy glow.” Okay, that sounds like something we could really get in to. Just as long as we can pull it off in a natural way… Fortunately for us, gorgeous prop stylist Lauren Ramirez was brave enough to let Laura demonstrate her strobing technique and let’s just say we are SOLD on this new trend. Read on to discover Laura’s secrets for the perfect “strobe”:

Strobing Makeup Technique -- wow very coolStrobing Makeup Technique -- wow very coolStrobing Makeup Technique -- wow very cool


Strobing Makeup Technique -- wow very cool


  1. Start by applying foundation all over face with a good essential oil to improve skins radiance.
  2. Apply Nars Fervor blush to the apples of cheeks.
  3. Add The Balm Cosmetics Mary Lou Manizer the Manizer to the high points of the face (above the cheekbones, down the nose, and cupids bow) with a pro fan brush.
  4. With your fingers, apply Benefit Watts Up to the brow bone and blend well.
  5. Using a pencil brush, apply Benefit Watts Up to the tear duct area.
  6. Apply Nars Candy Says lip gloss with a square tipped lip brush.
  7. Finish the look with a spritz of MAC Fix + for an instant boost of hydration and to create a subtle sheen.

Strobing Makeup Technique -- wow very cool

Laura’s Pro Tip: Strobing should vary in strength depending on the event, time of day, or preference. For everyday use and a more natural look, I would recommend to use a highlighter without glitter. For nighttime events and those who love glitter, try Miss Liberty highlighter from NARS.

We love Lauren’s final look — it’s subtle but very effective. Strobing seems to be a great way to achieve that illusive “perfect skin with no makeup” look we all want for spring.

photographed by jessica attie