Melt-Proof Makeup That’ll Keep You Looking Hot This Summer

‘Cause mascara on your cheeks is never a good look.

By Hannah Zahner

Locking down your makeup isn’t just for dips in the pool – the next-level humidity and heat that summer brings warrants figuring out how to keep your foundation from melting off your face, especially when you’re jetting off to warm weather destinations. And since no one usually ends up feeling great with an ultra full face of makeup in the heat, keeping a light hand is key! Since you’re already battling sweat and clogged pores, a breathable makeup routine won’t add to the issue.

Summer is the perfect time to let your skin shine through and embrace your natural glow.

And while it’s nice to sometimes put down the makeup bag and go completely au natural, it’s also great to have a no-fuss routine in your back pocket when you want to look a little pulled together. For me that usually means some sheer coverage to blur skin imperfections, enhancing my brows, brushing some color on my cheeks, and a finishing swipe of mascara.

To help you look fresh and put-together this summer (read: not a sweaty mess), we’re sharing our top heat proof makeup picks to beat the heat. These beauty products are proven to actually stay and will have you looking fresh all day and night.

featured image from @nikoleramsey

sweat proof makeup

Keep your coverage sheer.

Some of the best tricks to keep your coverage from feeling too heavy are: 1. use a small fluffy brush to apply, 2. sheer it out with a moisturizer or primer, and 3. by simply using a light hand. The below foundations have serious staying power, all while giving natural looking coverage. The two front runners? The Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation, a long time cult favorite, and Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, which packs light coverage with serious staying power. Pro tip: mix a little creaseless eyeshadow primer into your concealer for extra staying power.

sweat proof makeup

Add some color.

There’s nothing like the staying power of a good stain! Added bonus: it can be used on cheeks and lips! I also like to make liquid lipsticks do double duty and serve the same purpose. The ultimate universally flattering cheek and lip stain? Benefit Cosmetics’ Benetint.

sweat proof makeup

Enhance your eyes.

Start with your brows, then swipe on a sleek line of long wearing liner or keep it soft and smokey by blending in some long-wearing shadow into your lash line and lid. Finish with a swipe of waterproof mascara and you’re set. Check out the best staying eye makeup picks below!

sweat proof makeup

Set & go!

The combo of finishing powder and a long lasting spray is hard to beat, even when it’s extra humid. The two setting sprays with consistent killer reviews and proven lasting power are Urban Decay All Nighter and Makeup Up For Ever’s Mist & Fix.

What are your tried and true sweat-proof makeup essentials?