One thing we’ve learned from our Stylemakers series? The morning routines of highly successful women tend to go way beyond coffee and concealer. That said, every inspiring person we’ve featured in the column has a unique AM routine. We’ve gotten lots of ideas over the years for new morning rituals to try, and these are some of our very favorites.

From sardines for breakfast to reading comics in the nude, these are the unexpected ways our stylemakers shake up their morning routines.

photo by winnie au 

Alicia Yoon, CEO and founder of Peach and Lily, starts most mornings with sardines.

photo by kimberly genevieve

Wellness guru Shiva Rose likes to do coconut oil pulling each morning before taking on the day.

photo by jenny sathngam

Model Mahina Garcia goes for a 45 minute run (and checks the waves.)

photo by steve simko

Model-turned-designer Anine Bing treats herself to a piece of candy.

photo by juley le

Fashion designer Trishala Bhansali goes for a horseback ride.

photo by teal thomson

Entertainment reporter Renee Bargh meditates each morning for a full 20 minutes.

photo by claire huntsberger

The creative director of Sun Potion, Nitsa Citrine, likes to read the comics on the deck in her underwear.

photo by jenn rose smith

Tulum based designer Katie James cuddles with her kids in bed every morning.

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