The Best Blue Light-Blocking Glasses to Protect Your Eyes

They’re actually chic.

By Michelle Nash

I’m probably not the only one that’s been alarmed by the “screen time” report on my phone, especially in recent weeks. These days many of us are spending the majority of our waking hours looking at our phones, tablets, computers and TVs. While screen time is sometimes unavoidable, it’s important to be aware of the consequences, particularly on our eyes. Our pupils are especially sensitive to the blue light that screens emit, especially at night, and excessive exposure can lead to trouble sleeping, eye strain, headaches, decreased cognition and fatigue.

While blue light exposure hasn’t been proven to cause serious damage (yet), you can relieve some of the uncomfortable symptoms of digital eye strain with a pair of blue light glasses.

Blue light glasses are designed to filter out the blue light from our screens and help reduce the discomfort we experience from eye strain. The effectiveness of blue light glasses has been debated, but personally, I’ve had positive results wearing them so far, and it doesn’t hurt that there are plenty of cute and affordable options. We’ve scoured the internet and reviews on popular pairs to round up this list of the best blue light glasses to reduce eye strain. Whether you’ve had daily headaches from staring at your computer or have always just wanted to sport a pair of glasses, these specs can’t hurt.



best-blue-light-glasses-to-prevent-eye-strain-2Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Pink, Gaoye

At just $18, this price point cannot be beat, and I’ve heard numerous firsthand accounts that this particular pair works well to prevent headaches and eye strain. This pair is available in two other colors on Amazon, but I’m partial to the pink.


Capra Computer Glasses in Whiskey Tortoise, Pixel

A nicer pair that is highly reviewed for effectiveness and comfort. They are a bit pricier, but hey, they look super sophisticated.


Nash Frames, Felix Grey 

My sister wears these daily (while crunching numbers in excel) and swears by them. If you can’t take her word for it, this brand has major street cred, with accolades from Forbes, Good Housekeeping and BuzzFeed too.


Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Livho

Another super affordable option- these are just $20 on Amazon. This pair is super lightweight, so if you aren’t used to wearing glasses, these might be the ones for you. The nose pads will add a little extra comfort.


Day Job Blue Light Glasses, Quay 

One reviewer praised this pair for easing headache symptoms. I also love this orange shade for summer!


All Nighter Blue Light Glasses, Quay

I haven’t found reviews on this pair yet, but I couldn’t pass up a cute pair of cateye frames.


Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses, J+S Vision 

This pair is highly reviewed on Amazon for good quality at a low price. Users mentioned the lenses on these frames are especially good for night owls, and that these frames are pretty durable for such a low price.


Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses, Anrii

These Anrii frames are also super affordable and have been a hit for Amazon reviewers. Many users noticed a difference after wearing these glasses and experienced less eye strain.