15 Christmas Pajamas for Snacking, Sleeping, Baking, and Hanging Out in for As Long As You Please

Elevated comfort at its finest.

By Jenn Rose Smith
Anna Mae Groves

There’s plenty to love about Christmas morning. I look forward all year to making my favorite festive breakfast, the many mugs of hot chocolate warmed up on repeat, and, depending on where you live, snow. But hear me out: The best part of the holiday is being able to spend all of it in your coziest, comfiest pj’s. And sure, we’re all loyal to that pair of sweatpants we still have from college (school pride runs deep, after all). However, there’s nothing more indulgent, and arguably necessary, than treating yourself to a pair of Christmas pajamas that are warm while also being the perfect substitute for real clothes.

So in the spirit of leaving the present unwrapping to the kids and lounging around all day in style, we’ve rounded up our favorite Christmas pajamas that are nothing short of a loungewear revelation. Happy, homey, soft, and snug holidays await. Keep scrolling for 15 of the best Christmas pajamas made for snacking, sleeping, baking, and hanging out in for as long as you please. We promise you’ll even forget about “real” clothes.

featured image courtesy of anna groves

Printfresh Candy Striped Pajama Set

Is there anything more Christmas-y than a pair of candy cane-striped pajamas? This set is designed by Philadelphia-based Printfresh, known for their whimsical and wondrous garden, forest, and animal-inspired prints. While this pair is undeniably festive, you can explore even more of their options for nightgowns, sleep shirts, and longer sleep sets for year-round comfort.

Printfresh Candy Striped Pajama Set, $148

J. Crew Flannel Long-Sleeve Pajama Set

Perfect for settling in for a long winter’s nap, this set packs all the classic Christmas vibes into one. Designed with a menswear-inspired fit, these pajamas are just the thing for resting, relaxing, and feeling 100% rejuvenated when the holidays wrap up.

J. Crew Flannel Long-Sleeve Pajama Set, $66 (reg. $110)

Reformation Cameran Pajama Set

Famous for their simple slips and streamlined silhouettes, Reformation is simultaneously capable of designing more laidback styles you’ll want to lounge around in forever. Case in point: this striped set. Round out the ensemble with your favorite fuzzy socks—at the off chance you thought things couldn’t get any cozier.

Reformation Cameran Pajama Set, $98

UGG Jersey Pajamas

I’m happy to state the obvious: UGG knows comfort. If you can cement yourself in the cultural zeitgeist and take the fashion world by storm with a pair of sheepskin booties, you can make pajamas worthy of everyone’s best sleep. Lovers of minimalist design, unite—you won’t find a better set to fit your style than this.

UGG Jersey Pajamas, $88

Stars Above Notch Collar Nightgown

If there’s a single item of clothing I could dedicate my entire wardrobe to it’s dresses. There’s really no other piece that you can create an entire outfit in one go. Their sleepytime equivalent? Nightgowns, of course. This inexpensive option pairs classic piping with a luxuriously soft fabric. Consider this a major upgrade for your morning and evening routines.

Stars Above Notch Collar Nightgown, $19.99

Eberjey Gisele Pajama Set

A short-sleeved buttondown shirt and cropped wide-leg pants make this an undeniably fashion-forward pair. I’m imagining a leisurely morning spent curled up on the couch, a mid-Christmas movie marathon, and, of course, these pajamas to tie it all together.

Eberjey Gisele Pajama Set, $135

Madewell Flannel Bedtime Pajama Set

Madewell has a way of designing all the fits that I want to keep in my closet from now until forever—and these flannel jammies are no exception. With a prep aesthetic and cabin core reigning supreme this season, this is the pair you can’t let yourself sleep on.

Madewell Flannel Bedtime Pajama Set, $98

Neiman Marcus Ruffle-Cuff Silk Pajama Set

If there’s ever been a pair of pj’s that were almost too pretty to sleep in, these would be the ones. Made with the softest silk charmeuse and a ruffle hem and cuffs, the effect is nothing short of bedtime (and really, all the time) glamour.

Neiman Marcus Ruffle-Cuff Silk Pajama Set, $250

Lunya Washable Silk Tank Set

Beautiful, comfortable, and made for many nights of continuous wear, this short-and-tank set combines everything you’ve ever wanted from your dream sleeping ensemble into one. Part of Lunya’s line of washable silk loungewear, these pj’s are made using bluesign-approved dyes, meaning that they’re both safer for dyehouse workers as well as better for the planet.

Lunya Washable Silk Tank Set, $131.72 (reg. $178)

Madewell Knit Bedtime Pajama Top

Madewell, can I make a special request that you continue to keep these in stock year after year? Soft, stretchy, and made for showing off at your next girls’ night sleepover, these pajamas offer all I could ever ask for from my after 9 p.m., all-day-on-Christmas, options. And because you can’t not complete the set—find the shorts here.

Madewell Knit Bedtime Pajama Top, $26.99 (reg. $45)

Quince Silk Button Up & Pants Pajama Set

Because the reality of work-from-home has now fully set in for my professional life, I’m back to seeking out all the sweats and loungewear for my Monday through Friday (and let’s be honest, Saturday and Sunday) wardrobe. Of course, remote work doesn’t mean that I have to sacrifice comfort for style, and that fact is no more apparent than in this dreamy, Mulberry silk set. And for those of us who can’t be bothered with complicated care instructions, (this writer falls into that category), you can simply throw these in with your delicates and hang to dry. I’m all about exerting minimal effort—so I can get back to my beauty sleep.

Quince Silk Button Up & Pants Pajama Set, $129.90

Garnet Hill Asian Wrap Organic-Cotton Shorty Pajamas

If the people love it—keep giving them what they want, right? Garnet Hill’s been designing and redesigning this super-popular set for years. Crafted with organic Green Cotton fabric, these pajamas are the product of environmentally-friendly growing practices and sustainable dyeing techniques. All of that to say is, you can feel fully justified if you choose to buy all the pairs in all the colors.

Garnet Hill Asian Wrap Organic-Cotton Shorty Pajamas, $69

Summersalt The Cloud 9 Silky PJ Set

Pajamas you can party in? Very much so within the realm of possibility. An elastic waistband makes for all-the-time comfort and ease (which I’ll definitely welcome after an indulgent Christmas morning meal). What’s more, this set of silky sleepwear comes in what feels like a million colors. So if you want to give a pair to every pajama-lover in your fam, you’re good to go.

Summersalt The Cloud 9 Silky PJ Set, $95

Brooklinen Adelphi Jumpsuit

If you haven’t heard, Brooklinen makes more than the softest sheets and coziest comforters the internet can serve up. Their loungewear section is a treasure trove with no shortage of socks, slippers, pajamas, and this endlessly versatile jumpsuit. A wide-leg fit keeps it comfy and on-trend, plus the jersey fabric makes it easy to dress up or down. Pajamas you can wear out of the house? Put me down for one in each color. And if you need to know anything else that’ll convince you to add it to your cart immediately, I have one word for you: pockets.

Brooklinen Adelphi Jumpsuit, $54.40 (reg. $68)

Banana Republic Flannel Pajama Set

I let go of the possibility of ever getting back into a pair of jeans a long time ago, and while flowy dresses and all lengths of the skirt is fully my M.O., I love to mix it up with a few days (particularly around this time of year) when I’m not leaving the house and I’m definitely not changing out of my pajamas. When that’s the case, I’ll reach for a pair of pj’s just like these—stretchy, soft, and made of cotton flannel, so they’re not too light and not too heavy. In short: perfection.

Banana Republic Flannel Pajama Set, $35.99 (reg. $89.99)

This post was originally published on December 18, 2019, and has since been updated.