In our search for the most on-trend zodiac jewelry of the season, we’ve found a range of designs from overt to subtle…  but the one thing they all have in common is their surefire ability to spark conversation.

I’m a true blue Aquarius (re: free spirited) but have to admit I’m sometimes a little bit envious of Pisces — the fish symbol is just so wearable.

Whatever your sign, you’ll be well protected and well dressed with any of the charms below. My personal favorite? The Pisces ring by Pirates Dreaming. In fact I might just get it, anyways. As previously stated, I’m an Aquarius. We do what we want.

featured image by omi woods

Stone and Strand’s Zodiac Earrings

ASHA Zodiac Mother-of-Pearl Ring

Zodiac Constellation Cuff

CAM Star Mate Zodiac Necklace

Knotty Astrological Charm Layered Necklace

Zodiac Signet Ring by Pirates Dreaming

No 13 Zodiac Constellation Choker

Asha by Ashley McCormick Zodiac Pendant

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