We couldn’t help but notice that model Jenna Filardi, winner of our latest Camille Styles instagram model search, bears a striking resemblance to actress Natalie Portman. We asked Erica Rae to create a red-carpet style to match Jenna’s Hollywood looks, and she surprised us with this fabulous updo. “My pompadour obsession started when I first saw celebrities rock this look on the red carpet,” says Erica. “But you don’t have to be a celebrity to wear this style, follow these steps for a version that can easily be worn for your next girls night out or special event!”

photographed by jessica attie


  1. Start by parting the top crown from around the “recession” area to the opposite side. You want to create a horseshoe parting when doing so.
  2. Take your first section from the front area and backcomb/tease. This will create that extra height that is needed.
  3. Take another section directly behind your first section and do the same.
  4. Repeat step 3.
  5. Backcomb your last section right at the crown of your head.
  6. Once you have teased the entire section, lightly smooth out and place the hair where you would like for it to be. Be careful not to comb out all of what you have teased to create the desired height.
  7. Next, you want to make the pompadour stand out by smoothing out the sides. There are different ways to do this, I like to twist the hair to add a bit more interest. Take a section on the side, part it just past the ear, and begin twisting the section.
  8. Continue twisting this sections towards the nape of your neck.
  9. Once you reach the nape, pin the section using a bobby pin. 
  10. Repeat this step on the opposite side. Once you are done pinning each section into place, you can then touch up the entire look and spray your Pompadour in place using a light to medium hold hairspray. 

Erica’s Pro Tip: “I love this style just the way that it is, but you can also rock this look in different ways: Instead of twisting the sides, try slicking the hair into a high pony. You could also style the back into a low messy bun if you wanted. And don’t be afraid of HEIGHT!”

We adore how this style turned out on Jenna — Natalie, look out. There’s a new game in town.

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