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A Perfect Morning on the North Shore with Mahina Garcia

It starts with surfing.

By Jenn Rose Smith
Mahina Garcia drinking coffee on the North Shore

We have been known to gush over our subjects from time to time (we can’t help it), but the morning we met athlete-turned-model Mahina Garcia took us to shameless levels. “I mean her skin is literally glowing,” whispered Chanel to me between shots. “I know. It’s unreal,” I shot back. “And watch how she turns it on for the camera… she’s like a real model,” Then, almost in unision “…and she’s so NICE!”

Mahina Nohealani Garcia is all these things and more, and we couldn’t help but be charmed across the board by her beauty, intelligence, and down-to-earth personality. Mahina grew up on the North Shore of Hawaii, and she knows the area like her own backyard. We spent a morning hanging with our newest girl crush to find her favorite secret spots, exactly what to order at Hale’iwa Bowls, and just how she keeps that bombshell athletic figure (hint: cross training.) Scroll down to discover what a perfect morning on the North Shore like for Mahina Garcia, and start planning your next trip.

Mahina Garcia on the North Shore

What do you love about life on the North Shore? ( Also, are you “in the North Shore”? or “on the North Shore”? Our team needs help!)

Being raised and living on the North Shore of Oahu is truly spectacular. What I love the most about North Shore is that fact that I can throw on a bikini and ride my bike barefoot on our beautiful bike path to my favorite beaches where I get to decompress and rejuvenate. 

What was it like to grow up here? It must have been so dreamy. 

Before everything on North Shore changed and it became more popular “Old North Shore,” was very intimate! We would be able to play in the streets (day/night) with barely any cars in sight. North Shore was heavily regulated (in a good way) by the older generation, which means respect in and out of the water was very important. Because North Shore was so intimate and small, as a kid if we were every skipping school or hanging out with boys our parents would know within 10 minutes, hahaha.

hawaiian flower

Give us a little background on your family. How long has your family been in Hawaii? Is everyone into sports and outdoor actives? Where did you get your athleticism?

I’m Hapa, and Hapa means “mixed”. I’m Native to Hawai’i, I have Hawaiian/Polyenisian blood! Our Hawaiian family name is Mahi which means cultivator of the land. Yes, we’re are all into sports and outdoor activities — my dad, Kai Garcia, was the First American to win a world title championship in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. My mom, Kanoelani Garica, surfs, canoe paddled, road dirt bikes and played beach volleyball — so as you can see I get my athleticism from both my parents.

The sports I played in high school were water polo, soccer, and swimming. I then moved into kickboxing, CrossFit, yoga, and surfing, I’ve surfed my whole life and that will never change. 

Mahina Garcia

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I wake up at 6 am and I usually go for a 45 minute run, while I’m on my run I check the waves and if I don’t have to work and it looks fun I’ll normally text my friends to see who wants to surf or go for a swim. I run back home, drink coffee with my boyfriend Nathan Florence, check some emails watch some fitness youtube videos then I take on the day. 

Mahina Garcia's tour of the North Shore

Favorite place to get coffee on the North Shore?

When I’m feeling like a fancy coffee and a yummy pasty I head over to Coffee Gallery in Haleiwa Town. My go to is a hot turmeric latte with almond milk paired with a glorious morning muffin or vegan cookie. 

Mahina Garcia drinking coffee on the North Shore

How do you like your coffee?

Black Espresso with a nice layer of Crema! Cream is a flavorful, aromatic, reddish-brown froth that rests on top of a shot of espresso.

Mahina Garcia drinking coffee on the North Shore

What’s your workout routine like? Is it all about classes and structured time, or is it more about outdoor actives like surfing and biking? A mix of both?

I love to mix it up! I can’t stand a boring work out. If I’m bored I won’t push myself as hard, which then makes me frustrated.

I think the balance of cardio, weights, and nature is the key to success and happiness.

Mahina Garcia's Tour of the North Shore

Favorite place for açaí bowls?

Hale’iwa Bowls is the OG original gangster bowls, they were the first to truly establish themselves on the North Shore. I was actually one of Hale’iwa Bowls first employees, therefore, they will always be dear to my heart. My favorite thing to do is add peanut butter to my bowl…once you add peanut butter to your bowl you’ll never be able to eat it peanut butter less again! 

Haleiwa Bowls

Click here to find two original recipes from Hale’iwa Bowls, including Mahina’s favorite order!

Haleiwa Bowls

For visitors who aren’t experienced surfers, what outdoor activities would you recommend on the North Shore?

1. Take a surf lesson from Uncle Brian’s Sunset Suratt Surf Academy, Uncle Brian is what you call a North Shore Legend when you are with him, you are in good hands.

2. Book yourself on an Island View Shark Tour, they are a family owned and operated Pelagic Shark Dive tour company from Haleiwa, Hawai’i.

3. Fly above the North Shore of Oahu with Paradise Helicopters, you won’t be disappointed!  

coconut wisdom

What does “Hawaiian style” mean to you?

Hawaiian style to me is pure and simple! It looks a little something like this, a Pua (flower) in your ear, Pareo (sarong) around your waist, a face with no makeup on it, and a surfboard in your hand, all worn with a smile and lots of Aloha. 

What’s the best time of year to visit North Shore?

Summer, if you want a clear flat ocean and sunny weather. Winter, if you want to see massive waves as well as the surf contests.

Mahina Garcia

Favorite Hawaiian musician or band?

Brada IZ ‘Israel Kamakawiwo?ole’ will forever and always be my favorite Hawaiian artist.

One pigeon word we need to know:

ONO (pronounced; Oh-no) it means good, delicious and yummy all in one word. For example, “that poke bowl was so ono.”

One word to describe your perfect North Shore morning:

Chillaxed (chilled and relaxed) it’s the best way to ease into your day.


See Mahina in action in our video about Hawaii Style here: