The Perfect Updo for Curly Hair

By Jenn Rose Smith

As a curly haired girl myself I can confess that updos pose a problem. (Namely, how can I wear my hair up without slicking it back into a tight ponytail?) Our lovely model from Viva Day Spa, nail technician Julia Simpson, has the most amazing head of curls. We paired her up with stylist Erica Rae to demonstrate an updo technique that’s perfect for curly hair. “Styling hair for special occasions is one of my specialities and always has been one of my passions,” explains Erica. “Throughout all the years I have come across many different hair types and different forms of fashion per individual. When this model walked in with her spunky attitude and bohemian style I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Her curls are a show stopper. This high pony showcases her dimensional color along with her daring curly bangs, but you don’t have to have the exact same look as far as color and bangs to pull off this super easy undo.” Follow Erica’s steps to see how simple it is to achieve this look:

photographed by jessica attie


Step 1:

Start with a good base of naturally air dried or diffused curls. Be sure to use whatever products your curls prefer to help maintain any unwanted frizz.

Step 2:

Sections of a high pony tail in the crown section of your head. Try not to separate the remaining curls. All of this should be done without using any combs or brushes. What makes curls look their absolute best is when the curl is not disturbed or broken up too much. Secure the pony tail using an elastic band.

Step 3:

Once you have the pony in place you can then start taking small sections about two inches in width and twisting and pinning them near the base of your pony tail. 

Step 4:

You can see how I twisted the section to keep as much of its natural texture as possible. I also left the remaining ends hanging to help fill in the pony tail for extra volume.

Step 5:

Continue this all the way around the pony tail and then place the pony tail as you wish. 


Erica’s Pro Tip:I’m a huge fan of big hair (Texas girl) so I went for it with the volume. If your hair is longer don’t be afraid to make that pony as big as you’d like. If you have bangs but don’t like the way they look in this curly style, you can always straighten your bangs or simply place them away from your face using a bobby pin. 

You could also modify the placement of the pony tail and place it lower if you prefer. Either way, this style is one easy way to style your curls in a different style then just wearing it down or in a slicked back pony. Own those curls and rock them. I personally would die to have curls like this!”