The Post Work Out Pony

By Jenn Rose Smith
Post Work Out Hair Solution

Post Work Out Hair Quick Fix

Hair, tutorial and concept by Maritza Buelvas | Photography by Cassandra Eldridge | Makeup by Brenda Arellano | Modeling by Willow Star

This time of year most of us are dead-set on getting to the gym, and can we all agree that one of the hardest things about working out everyday is figuring out how to deal with our hair afterwards? In a perfect world, we’d have time for a blow-out after every spin class but in reality… sometimes there’s a happy hour we just have to get to. Since our schedules aren’t slowing down any time soon, we’ve enlisted beauty expert Maritza Buelvas to help us figure out a quick post-work out hair solution. This easy pony is so cute paired with a chunky sweater, we just might wear it all winter long.

Post Work Out Hair Solution


Post Work Out Hair Solution


  1. Spray hair all over with volume enriching hair spray. If you have room in your gym bag for a medium-barreled curling iron, use that to quickly create a few natural looking waves. Lightly tease hair at the crown and on each side with a fine-tooth teasing comb. Keep these three teased sections separate, and pull the remaining hair into a high pony, securing with the elastic band.
  2. Lightly pull the center teased section of hair back towards the ponytail, twisting the strand at the end. Push the twisted end forward slightly to create volume around the hairline.
  3. Pin the twisted section just above the ponytail, and use the remaining hair to wrap around the elastic band. Pin the loose end.
  4. Re-work the loose side sections of hair with your fingers. You may want to use the curling iron again to touch up these loose curls. Pin these sections back using the same method you used with the center section.
  5. Use the fine toothed comb to tease the ponytail and add  body.
  6. Set the final look with another quick spray of your volume enriching hair spray.

Post Work Out Hair Solution