We’re always on the hunt for updo solutions that look chic instead of sloppy, and never more so than during the holidays. Stylist Erica Rae blew us away with this gorgeous little chignon she created on model Taylor Boose.

photographed by jessica attie

Taylor, an operations specialist with a degree in digital media management, has the ideal hair type to rock this look — long, straight, with plenty of color dimension. “The chignon is feminine and classic,” says Erica Rae, “and I love this particular style because you can use it to really dress up a simple outfit in a modern way.” Read on to discover Erica’s technique for the tied chignon:


  1. Start by parting your hair however you may choose and then separate your hair into two sections. Take your top section and tie it into a pony tail, then split the pony tail. 
  2. Once you have split the pony tail you then want to grab the end of the pony tail and loop it through. This will create a fun twist to the look!
  3. Once you have looped the pony tail through you can then tighten or loosen the pony to whatever you desire.
  4. Take the bottom section of your hair and secure it into a low pony tail.
  5. Take the top pony tail and spit it in half.
  6. Now take on of the split sections and loop it around and through the base of the top section,
  7. Once you have looped the section through you then want to pin the section into place 
  8. Now take the lower half pony tail and loop the entire section through the loop that you just pinned in place.  
  9. You want to start to shape that loop into a larger loop that will create the fullness of this look and start pinning the loop into place.


We love the sculptural look of the finished chignon on Taylor. Can’t you just imagine this with a crisp white tunic and jeans?

Erica’s Pro Tip: “As you can see this look has a lot of detail. You can keep it simple and not “tie” the chignon and instead just create a loose bun like style. I would do so by just creating one big pony tail instead of two. Play around and have fun with it!”

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