The Best TSA-Approved Toiletries for Your In-Flight Beauty Bag

Turn your seat into a mini-spa.

By Hannah Zahner

A long flight can wreak havoc on your skin, zapping it of moisture and taking a serious toll on its protective barrier. By the time you get off the plane you’re usually considerably less hydrated — and potentially more broken-out. In order to avoid feeling and looking worse for wear by the time you get to your final destination, focus on staying as hydrated as possible, inside and out!

Since the plane cabin is one of the most dehydrating environments, come armed with high-performing beauty products, plus drink tons of water (totally worth the bathroom trips!).

The air time forces you to slow down and there’s no better time to focus on some self-care. I opt for a “less makeup in-flight the better” motto, especially if it’s a longer trip spent in the air. Instead, I like to keep my skin makeup free and just groom my brows before heading out to catch a flight. That way, I can load up on my skincare products in-flight without having to worry about messing up my makeup. Once you’re close to landing, feel free to whip out your makeup bag and do a quick makeup touchup. Your skin will be primed and ready!

Read on for the must-have products you should have in your in-flight arsenal to keep you looking dewy and refreshed.

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Sheet Face Mask

Feeling a little shy about slapping on a full sheet mask? Have no fear! Most people are too polite to stare, plus, more people do them in-flight than you’d think! Typical sheet masks will tell you to keep them on for 20 minutes, but when I’m on flights, I keep them on for about 45 minutes. When I take the mask off, I’ll pat any of the excess treatment into my skin.

Under Eye

Throw on eye patches about thirty minutes to an hour before landing, to depuff, help hydrate and bring circulation to any under-eye bags. They also have a cooling effect that helps you feel more awake and alert when you get off the plane!

Facial Mist

Soothe and revitalize dull skin with these mists – suitable for both face and body. Just be careful not to spritz your neighbor!

Facial Moisturizer / Oil

Hello, soft skin. These moisturizers work double-duty to hydrate and can be used to counter dry cuticles, condition hair, remove makeup around your eye area and of course, give your skin a nice double dose of moisture post-mask.

Dry Shampoo

No matter how long the flight, almost everyone’s hair can use a little sprucing post travel. Most of the products are powder formulas thus avoiding bothering your neighbor with a blast of aerosol. Just sprinkle and blend.

Lip Moisturizer

I hate the feeling of dry, chapped lips, so this is one of my top must haves! The products below work over time to give your lips some luxury moisture.

Essential Oils

My travel beauty kit isn’t complete without a couple of my favorite essential oils. Use lavender to help you relax and hopefully get some shuteye and use peppermint for any headaches or turbulence-induced nausea. Plus, they double as a light perfume.

Two-in-One Beauty Products

Now that you’re about to land it’s time for some quick zhuzhing. These products keep your beauty kit streamlined all while offering just the boost you need. A little swipe of color on the apples of your cheeks and lips, a dot of highlighter here and there and a quick swipe of mascara and you’re ready to go!