With the second week of January coming to a close, I think it’s finally time to put away our “Happy New Year!” greetings and come to terms with the fact that 2015 is in full swing!  This year, I’m embracing all of the many hats that I wear– mama, wife, stylist, blogger, friend– and choosing to worry less about making sense of it all.  It’s so easy to waste precious time worrying about how much time you’re spending on one part of your life rather than another, when often, we just have to do what we have to do!  Some days I’m juggling styling jobs and Parker spends more time than is ideal with the babysitter, but other days we stay home and have a leisurely pancake breakfast in our jammies followed by a trip to the zoo!  I think of life as a dance– not a juggling act or something that can be perfectly balanced.  Sometimes we dance fast and sometimes we dance slow.  Sometimes we dance with one person and sometimes we’re dancing as a group.  Speaking of wearing many hats…

I’ve sort of been on a hat rampage lately: no hat is safe from my grasp, I want them all!  Well, not really all of them, but this hat was a must. It’s the perfect hat for any season and makes a seemingly intimidating accessory very accessible.  Also, apologies for the bare legs to all of you braving winter temps. It’s been pretty warm in LA lately. (All you Australian readers: this looks for you!)

Anytime I wear a statement piece like this, I like to keep the other accessories minimal.  For this look, I stuck to a great watch, a couple simple bangles and a few delicate rings.  Done!

Okay ladies, your turn to dish:  How do you juggle wearing all your different hats… and sometimes making it look easy?  I would love to hear what works for you!

Top, Zara (Similar) // Skirt, Vintage (Similar) // Hat, Rag & Bone // Watch, Michele // Rings and Bracelets, Madewell

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Jen Pinkston