Whitney Casey’s Mornings Are Larger Than Life

Jaw-dropping penthouse living in all the best ways.

By Chanel Dror
getting dressed with Whitney Casey

For Whitney Casey, getting dressed each morning is serious business. So much so that the Austin-based author and entrepreneur’s latest venture is quite literally taking the art of outfitting to a whole new level. Along with bestie and business partner Brooklyn Decker, Whitney created Finery — a Wardrobe Operation System that streamlines the way we shop for, organize, and style our clothing. Or to better explain it: you know the opening scene from Clueless? That, but better.

With one of the world’s smartest wardrobes and an address 37 floors high in Downtown Austin, I knew my afternoon at Whitney’s would be one I wouldn’t soon forget. What I didn’t know is that after a couple hours, I’d want to never leave Whitney’s penthouse. The gal is as sweet as she is funny, and her home an interiors-lover’s oasis (impeccably designed by Kelly Wearstler, I should mention.) Scroll down for all the jaw-dropping details.

photography by Kristen Kilpatrick

What time is your wake-up call?


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I have a quick cuddle session with my scrappy little rat dog, Cowboy and then am off to the races.

What wakes you up each day?

My alarm is this super nerdy circadian lighting system we just installed called Ketra. It is like the IRL version of your iPhone’s “night shift” function. The lights gradually wake you up with natural blue light, like it is outside in the morning and then throughout the day they mimic the sun. By night they move to warm amber lighting to help you sleep and replace your melatonin. We have them at the office too because we are all staring into big blue lights all day long on our computers and phones at a tech company. They are a game changer.

pictured: Whitney wears a Vetements x Champion hoodie and silk leggings from Ultracor. See the complete outfit here!

What do you eat for breakfast?

Breakfast? What is this thing you call breakfast? For my caffeine, I drink CLEAN cause energy drinks — they are all organic, have only 20 calories BUT most importantly — 50% of the profits go to support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. My sister died a year ago from a drug overdose. Starting my mornings out with this brand makes me feel like I’m doing something for her, even just in a small way.

pictured: custom barstools by Kelly Wearstler

Any morning media rituals?

TheSkimm and NPR’s “Morning Addition”

Your favorite getting-ready soundtrack:

The Game of Thrones theme song on repeat — insert “you know you work at a tech startup when…” line here.

While I’m on my computer, I go to our site, FINERY and look at my week’s worth of outfits, which I already made while enjoying my Sunday. I choose one depending on the weather, my mood and of course, if I’m feeling bloated, constipated, etc. (no joke — you know you do it too.)

Then I go into my REAL closet and simply grab the outfit I’ve already picked — this really helps with not getting distracted by all the possibilities, like pulling random things out and ending up with a very messy closet and even messier morning. I’ve reduced my getting ready time by 2 hours every week now, just by making my outfits in advance.

Do you have a daily uniform?

That would be a travesty and an affront to overflowing closets everywhere. No way.

When do you do your outfit planning?

I outfit plan anytime I have a few extra mins. Now that I have my closet with me wherever I go, I make outfits whenever I have free time — waiting in lunch lines, at airports, in dentist office, on the subway. It’s become a soothing ritual now for me! I feel like I am making good use of my time even when I don’t have any time to spare. When everything is a mess including my real closet, my FINERY wardrobe is always color coordinated, organized and wrinkle free! Plus, it makes packing for trips a non-issue.

Shower: morning or night?

Oh sh*t. Busted! I’m terrible. I hate washing my hair. I do shower though… I just wish someone would invent a dry shampoo for the body too!

Do you have a signature scent?

Bee Shapiro is a time management hero of mine. She has been the beauty editor for the NYT for years, a mom of two and has created a wildly successful company called Ellis Brooklyn. It’s a totally immersive experience — candles, lotions, perfumes — and I love the “Fable” collection. Kick ass woman, making kick ass products.

What’s your beauty ritual?

I take my hair down from my overnight sleeping bun, immediately apply living proof dry shampoo at the roots, and let sit while I grab coffee and read emails.

Since getting dressed is a breeze now, I throw on some tinted moisturizer, mascara and blush, then brush out my dry shampoo and go.

If you could only put on one item of makeup, what would it be?

L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara  for 6 dollars!

pictured: Whitney wears a Balenciaga top and pants from Jacquemus. See the complete outfit here and shop ByGeorge for more of Whitney’s favorite labels.

What’s your healthiest morning habit?

Not having a habit.

And your worst?

Not having a habit?

pictured: vintage chairs from Kolford Larsen and a custom table by Kelly Wearstler

pictured: custom sofa by Kelly Wearstler and “El Pensador” sculpture by Carlos Julio Ramirez Vallejo

If you had one extra hour every morning, how would you use it?

I would schedule a call with every friend I haven’t been able to catch up, with including my mom, clip my toenails, file my fingernails, write more thank you notes, pluck my eyebrows, listen to my voicemails and moisturize. #startuplyfe

One word to describe your mornings:


Fill in the blank. I never leave the house without _______.

Old school pencils with the pink removable eraser cap and any kind of candy I can get my hands on.