Achelle and Carly

photographed by belathée There are run-of-the-mill girlfriends, and then there are the ones who will tell you when you’ve got lipstick on your teeth. The ones who will help you get out of that amazing (but snug) pair of pants. The ones who will always make you feel loved (even when your boyfriend doesn’t.) Achelle […]

Spring Denim

In college I was obsessed with the movie Almost Famous!  Anyone else?  My roommates and I even had a theme dress viewing party in our living room where I did my very best to channel my inner Kate Hudson.  While my fall/winter style tends to be more east-coast-prep-meets-classic-californian, in the spring and summer it definitely […]

The Capsule Wardrobe

Earlier this month, I was chatting with my hair stylist and we began talking about the idea of the capsule wardrobe.  I’m sure you’ve seen people posting about it as it’s becoming an increasingly popular idea.  As soon as I walked in the door, I couldn’t help myself.  I promptly put everything in my closet […]

Cassandra and Erin

photographed by belathée Remember that pair back in high school who were somehow on the yearbook staff, honor roll, and varsity team all at once? Well, they’re probably rocking pretty great jobs by now. They might be human rights lawyers, magazine editors, or high powered attorneys. Or maybe they even grew up to become big-time […]

The Wool Coat

There’s probably no better place to make a wardrobe investment than in a great wool coat. Considering it’s an item many of us wear every day through the winter, the cost-per-wear makes even a pricey piece practically pay for itself over time. Just something to consider should you be weighing the value of a big-ticket item […]

The Bold Print Kimono

photographed by jessica attie When we selected The Weston Dress by Isabel Marant Étoile for this installment of Double Take, we all agreed that the piece was fantastic — the fun bell sleeves, graphic print, and kimono shape make this mini dress one to covet. But how, we wondered, could such a bold statement dress […]

Weekend Daze

The term TGIF has never felt more poignant than it has the past few weeks.  Aaron has been traveling a ton for the show and I have been styling back to back shoots and keeping up with all of our blog content as well, which means that by the time Friday afternoon rolls around, all three of us are ready […]

Tinsel & Twine

photographed by priyanca rao For these three best friends and business partners, the hardest thing about happy hour these days is keeping the conversation off work. But hey, when you’re busy running a buzzed-about event design shop in Brooklyn, it’s impossible not to be excited about concepting the next big thing for your clients. “It’s […]

Wearing Many Hats

With the second week of January coming to a close, I think it’s finally time to put away our “Happy New Year!” greetings and come to terms with the fact that 2015 is in full swing!  This year, I’m embracing all of the many hats that I wear– mama, wife, stylist, blogger, friend– and choosing […]

The Camel Turtleneck

Have you ever owned an item of clothing that is so cozy, you want to curl up in it on the couch at home… but that’s also so chic that it garners compliments wherever you take it? This waffle cashmere turtleneck from Hatch is that staple piece in my closet — I’ve worn it constantly (including […]

The Fashion Sneaker

We have good news for your soles: sneakers are officially in vogue. Get ready to jog your way into a more fashionable and comfortable 2015, because sneakers are no longer relegated to the gym! Since I’m personally smitten by pumped-up kicks, I enlisted the two most stylish gals I know to model a pair for this month’s […]

The Black Jeans

Especially as I hit my late twenties, and now thirty, my focus has shifted towards building a classic wardrobe of pieces that I love, that I can wear for years, and that I know I’ll look and feel great in. And that was the inspiration behind our recently-launched Essential Pieces series that’s all about the way I really dress […]

Lo & Sons Travel Bags (& Giveaway!)

photographed by jessica attie Travel days are undeniably better when you’ve got a brand new set of luggage, and we’ve teamed up with our friends at Lo & Sons to send a pair of chic creatives home for the holidays in style. Tiffany Dixon Kerr and Spring Weaver will be leaving their busy desks at […]

Dressing up the Leather Jacket

I used to think that the biggest temptation this time of the year were the sweet treats being passed around at every turn, but now the older and wiser me realizes that the real temptation is shopping for yourself while checking off that holiday list.  Am I right?  How are we supposed to resist all […]

Alaina and Danielle, The Everygirl

photos by katie kett It’s not everyday you come across a pair of best friends who live together and work together. Turns out the co-founders of our favorite Chicago-based blog, The Everygirl, aren’t your average girls at all. Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss met at a Christmas party in the winter of 2010 and through […]

Dressed-Up Sweatpant

It’s no secret that these last two months of the year are jam-packed with events, engagements, and errand-running galore.  I often talk about the need for looks that can play chameleon with my ever-changing schedule, and the “sweat pant for day” trend is perfect for running around, grabbing a quick bite, an afternoon meeting, or […]

Southern Living

Although this post is a part of our Office Style series, it could just as easily have been featured as one of our Dream Job posts because who doesn’t fantasize about working in a place next door to a test kitchen cooking up the most delectable Southern-inspired dishes, or an office stocked with a prop […]