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Villa Sant Andrea, Taormina, Sicily


By / October 10th

In case you didn’t get enough of Sicily on my Instagram feed, thought I’d pop in on this holiday with a little recap of our trip — it was one of …read more


By / April 6th

I always feel a little bit of anxiety in the days leading up to a big international trip: Are all our transportation and accommodations accounted for? Am I going to get along with …read more

Crystal clear caribbean water... take me there!


By / March 22nd

When the opportunity arose to partner with Carnival Cruise for my next Passport To story, I was intrigued. Neither Michael nor I had ever been on a cruise before, but …read more


By / July 9th

If you’re still reeling from the first installment of our new “Passport to” series, buckle up. Today’s adventure has us globetrotting to Morocco, famous for… well, a lot. Between the architecture, the beaches, the cuisine …read more

Colorful Homes In Cartagena With Balconies Adorned With Lush Pink Flowered Vines And Ferns


By / May 20th

This is the first in our brand new “Passport to” series, where one of our favorite creative people invites us along on a visual tour of a fascinating destination. Rather than …read more