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How to Be a More Thoughtful Gift Giver

December 4th, 2015

If you’ve not yet been acquainted with the beautiful world of Simone LeBlanc, allow me to do the honors. As LA’s most trusted source in specialty gifting, Simone works wonders curating gorgeous gifts, then magically packaging them in the most sophisticated, jaw-dropping gift boxes. With the holiday season officially here, we knew we wanted to get her on the site to share some insight into the art of gifting, so without further ado…

From Simone: It may sound funny, but I really do believe in the magic of gift giving. There is something very special and meaningful about a gesture — big or small — that exists solely to share and express love and gratitude. And in my book, this is what the holiday season is all about. If you think about checking off all of the people on your holiday gifting list in this way, I know that the process can become a truly meaningful, even enjoyable process for anyone (not just for gifting professionals, like me).

I have a deep appreciation for objects and believe that they can carry amazing emotion and tell a story. My work allows me to really explore this in a way that others can enjoy, experience, and appreciate, too. I get to be not only a designer, but also a treasure hunter, all for the sake of communicating a special message. As much as it’s something I’ve learned and honed over many years, being a great gift giver is also a skill that I think everyone can get better at. Keep reading for my tips to becoming a great gift giver…

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  1. These are great tips! I always try to pick up gifts, if and when I see them, during the year that I think someone might like for the holidays. It makes it easier to grab it then, as opposed to if I try to remember to get it once the holidays arrive.

    • That is such a great tip — one that I’m going to try and put into practice myself next year. Seems like it would make the holidays so much less stressful, AND result in much more thoughtful gifts when the holidays roll around. Thanks Vanessa!

  2. susansontra says:

    Love these tips. They are useful and definitely reaffirm this years gift giving. I have a very limited budget this year so I am going for smaller items of sentiment rather than expense. For example a friend of mine LOVES teas so I am going to local antique shops to find her the “perfect” teacup. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

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