The Airstream has made a major comeback, as more people are ditching their homes in the city for tiny living on the open road. Iconic for their sleek, silver frames, these special vehicles have been symbols of cross-country travel, adventure, and freedom since 1931. With the tiny living movement hitting millennials, it’s no wonder they’re having a renaissance 85 years later.

The perfect marriage of form and function, an Airstream is a solid investment if you’re looking to downsize, travel, and live a life that doesn’t keep you in one place for too long.

I think the best part about owning an Airstream is what sets it apart from vintage RVs and VW busses: the option to unhitch. With an Airstream, if you find somewhere you’d like to live and stay awhile, you can. And when you’ve had your fix, you can pack up and head out just as quickly as you arrived. Although tiny living certainly isn’t cut out for everyone, I can’t help but admire those who make the bold move to sell everything they own and opt for a simpler life on the road.

From a kitschy trailer in Marfa to an Airstream in Malibu with 360 views of the Pacific Ocean, here are 10 of the raddest Airstreams that have taken a piece of Americana to the next level.

image by everyday pursuits

‘Isla’ Airstream by The Modern Caravan

‘Mavis 2.0’ Airstream by Sheena Armstrong

El Cosmico Trailers in Marfa, TX

Autocamp Airstreams in Sonoma, CA

‘Josephine’ the Airstream by Arrows & Bow

‘Malibu Dream’ Airstream in Malibu, CA

Hotel Daniel Trailer in Vienna, Austria

‘Good Thyme Farm’ Airstream by Bailey McCarthy

‘The Foxes’ Airstream by Gabi & Brandon Fox

Joshua Tree Acres’ Airstream in Joshua Tree, CA

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