10 Best Loft Spaces

By Chanel Dror
10 most breathtaking loft spaces

Living in a loft has its ups and downs. The pros: high ceilings, large windows and exposed brick or concrete walls. I was practically sold when I saw the open floorpan at our current home, and the industrial details like pipes and structural columns were the cherry on top. And then there are the cons: more wall space than you know what to do with, undefined “rooms”, and the challenge that comes with hosting houseguests. Over the course of one week, I’ve personally arranged and taken down an entire gallery wall out of sheer bewilderment of what to do with my walls (they’re currently totally bare, or in other words, I gave up). And when we have overnight guests? The air mattress comes out and it’s a full on slumber party.

All that said, who can deny that initial appeal of stepping into a wide open space thats filled with light, and strikes that elusive balance between industrial yet polished, and eclectic yet cohesive? They’re hard to come by, and even harder to replicate in your own home, so we’ve rounded up 10 of our all-time favorites to keep you inspired. No matter what your personal style is, there’s a gorgeous loft for you. Click through, and let us know which one you’d want to call home…

A pastel London loft, from AD España

Jessica Barensfeld and Simon Howell’s Williamsburg warehouse, from Emily Johnston’s portfolio

A triangular loft in Barcelona, from Casa Vogue

The eclectic warehouse home and workspace of florist Sarah Nolan, from The Design Files

A minimalist loft, from Remodelista

A magical bohemian loft in Madrid, from decor8

A family loft in the heart of Soho, from Rum Hemma via The Style Files

An inspiring Arts District loft, from Apartment Therapy

A colorful, travel-inspired loft, from AD España via Domaine Home

A gorgeous designer showroom, from The Loft