10 Father’s Day Gifts You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

By Jenn Rose Smith
father's day

It’s unclear why dads are the hardest customers to shop for. Maybe it’s because they have a tendency of getting what they want for themselves. Or maybe it’s because they tend to be (as a group) not expecting of gifts in general. Whatever the case, Father’s Day is an annual consumer crisis and we all too often find ourselves sheepishly handing over some terrible silver plated pen in defeat. This year we’ve focused in on one single truth — that our dads aren’t all that different from us. They were young once too, and can probably still get excited over an unexpected gadget or great vintage album. We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite gift ideas for dad this year that each meet our biggest requirement: we’d kind of like to keep them for ourselves.

featured image via pinterest

X-Project Wireless Portable Mini Projector

William Eggleston 2 1/4 Book

Saturdays Logo Beach Towel

Tom Petty Tee

Cafe Du Cycliste

Drake’s Indian Sunrise Print Scarf

Canon Powershot G1 X

Nifty leather tool case

Cool Hand Luke dvd

Marshall Travel Speaker