Investing in a true luxury item for your home is a special thrill — one that feels even better when you know the brand is doing good things for our planet.

But with so many companies claiming to be green now, how can you know which ones are really legit? According to Avocado Green Mattress (one of our picks below), the simplest way is to consult the GOTS Public Database. If a company is truly organic, both the brand and their products will be listed. We’ve studied up and found 5 favorite brands that check out on being both green and completely luxurious. From the silkiest plant dyed apparel to the softest organic mattress, scroll down to discover 5 new eco-luxury brands that we love.

Scarf Shop

This Minneapolis based company produces hand-dyed scarves in small batches, using eco-friendly dye techniques on organic fabrics. It’s an almost zero waste product in terms of fabric — and the coolest part is you can even shop “seconds” on their website, and score an imperfectly dyed scarf for 40% off.

photo by Hannah Zahner

Avocado Green Mattress

This organic mattress takes both sleep and green manufacturing to the next level. The company makes its own GOLS organic certified latex and uses GOTS organic certified wool and cotton to create one the most luxuriously comfortable mattress on the market. Avocado Green Mattresses have over 1,414 individual coils (made from recycled steel, of course) topped by 100% organic cushioning layers to give you your best night’s sleep yet. They are also the world’s first Climate Neutral Certified mattress which means they’ve achieved “net zero” carbon emissions — all the way from the facilities they own in India to shipping the products into our homes.

photo by Hannah Zahner

No. 2

In addition to the cute packaging and cheeky name, No. 2 toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo. Since bamboo can be grown and harvested much faster than other trees, it’s a renewable resource that’s great for our planet. The bonus part is that this bamboo paper is the most luxurious, silky strong TP on the market. Check out their website for where to buy No. 2 or even set up a subscription for your household or office.

Miranda Bennett

This gorgeous apparel line has a zero waste textile policy, and has even started creating it’s own dyes from supplies that are the by products of other industries — things like saw dust from local mills and avocado pits and skins from local food suppliers. In addition to being super green, this company empowers local refugees through fair-wage employment for all it’s manufacturing.

Marfa Brand Soap

I ended up having dinner with the founder of Marfa Brand soap, Ginger Griffice, when I was staying at Willow House in Terlingua. Her all vegetable oil soaps have developed a cult following in Austin and beyond. She makes all of the soap by hand in her own studio and has branched out into creating other green products, like glasses made from Topo Chico glass bottles and agave fiber washcloths.



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