Small Spaces

7 Genius Ways to Decorate Your Small Space for the Holidays

It’s about to get festive.

By Phoebe Neuman

Oh how I love the feeling of walking into a house that’s fully decorated for the holidays. Give me the towering trees, the twinkling lights, and the completely decked-out mantels!

But when, like me, you live in a 600-square-foot apartment with minimal storage, a significant other, and a dog, an obsession with all things festive can pose a bit of a problem. And for that matter, most Christmas decorations don’t lend themselves well to homes without garages, attics or basements to store them in for the remaining 11 months of the year.

That’s where these small-space holiday decoration ideas come in. Each packs a festive punch without threatening to take over your entire space, and come January 2, will be easy enough to store in even the tiniest of spaces. Now that’s what we call a Christmas miracle.

photo by kirsten kilpatrick

photo by apartment 34

Festive Bunting

A bare corner becomes full of holiday magic thanks to a load of small-scale metallic bunting. The green-and-metallic color palette here makes for a modern twist on Christmas classics, but this idea could work with a whole range of colors and patterns layered over each other. An added bonus? If you don’t have room to store ornaments, wrapping a tree with sparkling bunting is a great way to mimic the same look and feel.

photo by sarah sherman samuel

Deck Your Shelves

Sweet and small decorations make for a big impact when used to lend your bookcase (or any set of shelves really) some festive flair. The key here is to focus on one central piece of décor – in this case a minimal wreath – and then let the rest of your decorations play a supporting role. Trying to pack in too much will just make everything look cluttered (and will be harder to store once the holiday season is over).

photo by iheart organizing

Snowflakes, Reimagined

Who knew an elementary school craft could make for such chic holiday décor? The beauty of these snowflakes is threefold – they’re incredibly easy to store, affordable, and fun to make. (What more could you want?!) We love the idea of clustering them down a hallway like this, but soft white and icy blue snowflakes could look equally good hanging from the ceiling of your living room or acting as a mock-chandelier above your dining table

photo by from nicole franzen

No Mantel, No Problem

Just because you don’t have a fireplace doesn’t mean you have to skip out on stockings! Hanging them from a blanket ladder is a festive-yet-minimal way to incorporate a bit of flair into your existing décor. You could also hang them from any set of shelves that could use a bit of holiday cheer.

photo by @jamiedanahairstylist

Go Scandi

If you haven’t picked up on the overarching theme of our tips yet, here it is: when it comes to small space holiday decorations, simplicity is often key. So with that in mind, take a cue from this Scandi setup by draping your mirrors with green garlands and adding in small festive touches that fall in line with your existing interiors. For something you’ll be able to keep up long past Christmas, go for a garland of Eucalyptus — you can also add it in with any existing flower arrangements you have peppered around your space for another wintery touch.

photo by @melissa.brookes

Grab a Garland

Like we mentioned in our last tip, garlands are a really easy way to make virtually any room of your small space feel holiday ready. Drape one over your headboard, around your TV stand or down the center of your dining room table if you don’t have room for a full-size tree (we’d suggest amping up the festive vibes by scattering a few colorful ornaments throughout). Or, add one above a kitchen window to inject a bit of Christmas magic into an area that doesn’t usually see much decorating. The best part? You can usually pick up real pine garlands on the cheap from anywhere that sells Christmas trees, and you’ll have nothing to pack away once the season is over.

photo by david prince    

Display Your Way

If you don’t have any spare surfaces to decorate with a garland or display your Christmas cards, consider making creative use of your home’s vertical space. Making your walls do double-duty is a tried-and-true trick of small space living, and this innovative way to hang cards does just that. This DIY works best with a wintery green branch (again, see if you can swipe one from your local Christmas tree farm) and neutral ribbon to attach your cards to, and would look especially good hanging in an entryway.

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