8 Easy Ways to Make This Father’s Day Special

By Chanel Dror
kids in the kitchen

It’s unclear why dads are the hardest customers to shop for. Maybe it’s because they have a tendency of getting what they want for themselves. Or maybe it’s because they tend to be (as a group) not expecting of gifts in general. Whatever the case, Father’s Day is an annual consumer crisis and we all too often find ourselves sheepishly handing over some terrible silver plated pen in defeat. This year we’ve focused in on one single truth — however we choose to show our love, what’s important is that it’s from the heart. Whether it be handmade or not a gift at all, these 8 Father’s Day ideas will be sure to put a smile on Dad’s face this year.

featured image from Courtney Adamo

photo by molly culver

Gather meaningful momentos to create a Father’s Day time capsule. Include ticket stubs from concerts, old family photos, and little notes you’ve collected over the years.

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Figuring out what to get Dad for Father’s Day is the hardest part. Once you’ve got that down, wrap up your present with this adorable shirt gift bag DIY.

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Host a backyard picnic to celebrate Dad, and create a “tool box” full of forks, knives, and spoons to enjoy your lunch al fresco.

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Use the day as an opportunity to share old family recipes, or learn one of dad’s specialties, much like this inspiring Dad-Daughter duos.

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Running late on time? Order in Dad’s favorite pizza and have your kiddos help decorate the box.

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Create a sampler box of Dad’s favorite treats – be it salty charcuterie, fresh fruit, or sweet chocolate chip cookies. Then, create a card identifying everything in your box of goodies.

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Set up a brunch spread for Dad that is as satisfying as it is easy. Bagels, schmear, and tons of colorful toppings.

photo by molly culver

Rather than giving Dad the same old store-bought card, grab some colorful construction paper and a glue stick to create a fun ribbon for him to wear on his special day.