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By Bridget Chambers
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen - Home of Helene Henderson - Malibu Farm - fresh produce and summer veggies - meal prep

The rumors are true: Malibu is all it’s cracked up to be, and that idyllic surf, sun, and sand life really does exist. One of Malibu’s most well-known chefs and restaurateurs, Helene Henderson, perfectly embodies Malibu’s casual, laid-back spirit. The Camille Styles team was lucky enough to experience a dinner at Henderson’s home in celebration of her new cookbook, Malibu Farm Sunrise to Sunset. To say that the evening was special would be an understatement. We all left feeling inspired to bring that beachy home décor appeal into our own homes for a similar dinner party vibe. The tablecloth was a repurposed scarf, the appetizers were served on simple wooden boards, and the surrounding plants were the only additional décor. It was somehow both chic and utterly attainable. So, we tapped Helene to learn more about how she creates a dinner with such ease in Camille’s interview here.

Looking to bring some of that Malibu spirit into your own home? Scroll on to shop Helene Henderson’s everyday uniform, her beach-inspired home décor, favorite cookbooks, and go-to kitchen and serving items.

crudite with beet hummus - malibu farm sunrise to sunset - summer dinner party, fresh veggies, helene henderson -malibu farm

Helene’s Everyday “Uniform”:

Mother Jeans

I share Helene’s love for Mother Denim. Their jeans have that classic denim look while still being totally relaxed and always comfortable.

James Perse Tee Shirt

It’s hard to beat a classic white tee. This is Helene’s fave, and I might just have to add this to my collection.

Frye Boots

When you’re on your feet all day, a comfortable pair of boots is a necessity. You can’t beat Frye’s quality, and I love the rustic, lived-in look of these.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen - Home of Helene Henderson - Malibu Farm - fresh produce and summer veggies - meal prep

Favorite Cookbooks:

Ottolenghi Simple: A Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi

I like the Ottolenghi books a lot. They are visually very vibrant, and it makes me inspired to cook.” – Helene

Vintage Gourmet’s Menu Cookbook

I have this old Gourmet Menu cookbook from 1963. I love it because the photos are hilarious, they always put a smile on my face, the recipes are super short, but they are so well written, that all important instructions are so precisely and briefly described it is very impressive.” – Helene

The French Laundry Cookbook by Thomas Keller

When the French Laundry cookbook came out in 1999, I read that book cover to cover, again and again. I was running my catering company Lavender Farms at the time, and that was the closest to insider professional knowledge that I had access too.” – Helene

Favorite Kitchen Items:

Wooden Dough Bowl Tray 

I love all of the natural wood in Helene’s kitchen. Camille has taught us the wonders of dough bowls with her powder bath sink, but I also love the use of of it as a fruit bowl.

Organized pantry - modern farmhouse kitchen, Helene Henderson home - Malibu Farm

Olivewood Canisters, Set of 3

This gorgeous shot of Helene’s spices, flours, seeds, etc. inspired me to organize my kitchen with these canisters. The glass bottom is ideal so I can easily see inside, but the wooden lids give it all a touch of warmth.


Rounded Serveware Long Board

Meet the ultimate serving board. Camille describes that “There was a moment of silence when Helene carried the platter of rainbow-hued salad and placed it on the center of the table.” Although nothing I create could be so beautiful, I plan on trying to imitate this look.

Large Grater – Ma Dame

How cute is this grater? Says Helene: “I love my “lady grater” for grating garlic and ginger, I have had mine for decades. Always use fresh garlic, never pre-peeled, that stuff is garbage and makes the food taste bitter. I keep ginger in the freezer, and whenever I need it, I pull it out from the freezer, grate what I need, and then back in the freezer the ginger goes until it’s needed again.”

Outdoor Pendant - Modern Patio - Home of Helene Henderson - Malibu Farm

Tabletop Items:

Gjusta Serving Bowl

I love all the Gjusta home goods – they are so cool that it makes me feel uncool (haha!) Their plates and napkins are gorgeous.” – Helene

Mother The Four Corners Scarf $175 as a tablecloth

Mother Denim The Four Corners Scarf

Since my favorite jeans are from the brand Mother, rather than using a traditional tablecloth to set my table, I love using their four corners scarf, which gives the dining experience more of a picnic and beachy feeling, even if you’re not on the sand.” – Helene

It also comes in a gorgeous green color.

Staub’s Cast Iron Baking Dishes

Staub’s cast iron baking dishes go perfectly from the oven to the table, and I love the classic style. The bakers are oven safe up to 572 degrees, and they’re dishwasher safe, too.” – Helene


Soul Surfer Candle

Malibu Market and Design is a great place for furniture, but also smaller items like candles—especially this soul surfer candle. They also have teak root candles, which are amazing.” – Helene

Cayman Glasses (Set of 4)

These drinking glasses are the perfect combo of beachy and classic. I love that they are casual enough for everyday use, but also make a statement on a table.