Texas Beach Town

By Chanel Dror

inspired by a sleepy beach town

The motive for today’s inspiration board is a purely selfish one. My bachelorette party is coming up in a couple shorts weeks and it’s just about all I can think about. So, I thought I’d mix a little bit of work with pleasure by sharing some of the vibes we’re expecting from our destination. The locale? Port Aransas, baby.

Now, if you’re not from Texas, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Port A, but for those of us who call The Lone Star State home, it’s the perfect sleepy beach town for a weekend escape. Instead of a chic resort or crystal clear waters, think tie dye print, buckets full of harvested sea shells, not a cruise ship or Carlos n’ Charlie’s in site, and most importantly, crazy fresh sea food. It’s not the Caribbean, but it’ll do, and I can’t wait to bunk up with my best girlfriends for four straight days. T-minus 11 days and counting…