I wouldn’t call myself a Poosh stan but I dabble in the occasional Instagram post from the Kourtney Kardashian-founded wellness brand. It’s a true visual hodgepodge of aspiration, inspiration, punny hashtags (#pooshtheboundaries), and the occasional tidbit from Mrs. Barker herself. Of that final category, one quick word of wisdom truly struck me: if traveling anywhere for more than a night, Kourtney insists on bringing her best silk pillowcases.

I, a proud owner of both a silk and satin pillow cover, have this in common with Kourtney. It seems like absolute diva behavior, but once you’ve discovered the benefits (for hair and skin—wrinkles especially) and felt the difference (percale can’t compare), you’ll never want to sleep on anything else.

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Why sleep on a silk pillowcase?

Aside from the cool luxurious touch of silk against your cheek, silk pillowcases are said to help reduce frizz, protect hair cuticles, reduce breakouts, and prevent facial creases.

It’s all about friction. Silk’s smooth nature reduces the rubbing back and forth of the skin, eyelashes, and hair, so your blowout is protected for longer. And because silk absorbs less moisture than cotton, skincare products stay put on your face—you’ll also reduce the potential for breakouts.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, so it’s an excellent fabric option for those with sensitive skin.

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Silk vs. Satin Pillowcases

While satin offers many of the benefits of silk (it’s breathable, hypoallergenic, and less absorbent than cotton), the major difference is in how they’re made. Silk is a fiber naturally produced by silkworms (a process developed in ancient China). Satin, technically, is a type of weaving made from synthetic fibers like polyester, rayon, and cotton.

Satin’s synthetic nature makes it more affordable (while still offering similar benefits) and not quite as delicate as silk. It’s a solid budget-friendly alternative.

Truth be told, I regularly swap my silk and satin pillowcases around, and—though the silk option is definitely silkier—I rarely notice much of a difference.

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The Best Silk Pillowcases of 2023

With the good word very much out on the beauty benefits of silk, your options are vast and solid. Still, we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 best silk pillowcases you can buy now based on reviews, a mix of mulberry (the “Egyptian cotton” of the silk pillow world), and the all-important momme count, which reflects the density of the silk. (For reference, the average momme silk count is 19.)

The Best Silk Pillowcase Splurge

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

When we mentioned Kourtney Kardashian’s silk pillow obsession, this is the one we’re talking about. And with a momme count of 22, a beautiful blend of mulberry silk, and many a dermatologist’s seal of approval, the price may just be worth it.

Another Solid Splurge

Blissy 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The Blissy obsession is real—and well worth the hype. The 22-momme count, handmade beauties all come with Oeko-Tex, eco-friendly, and non-toxic certifications.

The Amazon Review Star

Fishers Finery 25mm 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

A staggering amount of five-star Amazon reviews matches a staggering momme count: 25. Bonus points for offering Fishers Finery’s undyed option, which makes this silk pillowcase even better for sensitive skin.

The Best Affordable Silk Pillowcase

LILYSILK Silk Pillowcase

This 19 momme silk option gets away with its competitive price point thanks to a high-quality cotton underside. A best-of-both-worlds sleep scenario.

Another Great Affordable Option

ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Another Amazon review star, ZIMASILK’s 19 momme count has been called out as a dupe for Parachute’s far pricier option.

The Best Silk Pillowcase for Curly Hair

TAFTS 22mm 100% Pure Mulberry 6A Silk Pillowcase

With a high 22 momme count (especially for its price point), this luxurious pillow earns rave reviews from the curly-headed crowd for reducing frizz.

The Best Silk Pillow Pattern Options

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The buttery soft, Oeko-Tex-certified favorite comes in a variety of limited-edition patterns, including the perennial “celestial” option.

A Great High-Quality Silk Pillowcase

Parachute Silk Pillowcase

If you’re already on the Parachute train (a great place to be, in my opinion), their feel-good bedding acumen extends to their silk pillowcase offering, made with a whopping 25 momme Mulberry silk.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Quince 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Quince’s much-loved pure mulberry silk pillowcase is a perfect example of the brand’s affordable but high-quality (the momme count is 22) ethos.

The Best Satin Option

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

Kitsch’s rabidly reviewed pillow offers many of the same benefits as silk for a fraction of the price—and in a much livelier color range.

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