My prized Black Friday purchase is my beloved immersion blender. It was by no means a significant spend ($19 at 40% off—you never forget your first), but it’s completely changed the way I make soup. While I once had to awkwardly transfer the hot liquid between a pot and blender, I’d found a way to save myself the cumbersome step. And though I wouldn’t call myself a material person, there’s something about saving up and watching the price on a transformative tool until you finally decide to pull the trigger. As an ode to my sentimental savings, I rounded up this year’s best Black Friday kitchen deals.

The week leading up to Thanksgiving is funny. It’s an odd mix of stress, excitement, and anticipatory shopping. Everyone’s eagerly plowing through the work to be done Monday and Tuesday, packing their bags, and preparing for the feast of the season. Once the plates are cleaned and the pies polished off, the holiday madness can begin in earnest.

So if you’re itching to start your shopping early and you have your heart set on a few culinary prizes that’ll make your meals seamless and kitchen habits joyful, you’ve consulted the right list. Time to kick off the holiday season with some stress-free shopping.

**By the way, if you’ve had your eye on any Casa Zuma goodies, now’s the time! We’re offering free shipping on EVERY ORDER from now through Monday.**

Image by Suruchi Avasthi

The Best Black Friday Kitchen Deals of 2022

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Crate & Barrel

Known for its timeless appeal, accessible prices, and design-driven collaborations (we’re obsessed with Athena Calderone’s collection) Crate & Barrel is a one-stop shop for contemporary, cozy styles.

Oven-to-Table Square Baking Dish with Trivet

Modern white ceramic meets an acacia trivet that’ll add warmth and beauty to your table. It’s elegant and pared down, appealing to traditionalists and contemporary tastes alike.

Oven-to-Table Square Baking Dish with Trivet, $27.96 (reg. $34.95)

Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven

Things I need in my life include: good friends, good food, and a pizza oven that seals it all together.

Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven, $479.96 (reg. $599.95)

Café ™ Matte Black 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe

If you’re making coffee for a full house (or are just in need of a few mugs yourself), look no further. This coffee maker’s matte black silhouette is adorned with rosy brushed copper, letting its design live up to its digital accolades. (Exact temperature controls, 24-hour programmable brewing, and—I kid you not—voice-to-brew control using the SmartHQ ™ app, Alexa, and Google Home.)

Café ™ Matte Black 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe, $197 (reg. $329.95)

Café ™ Express Finish Matte White 2-Slice Toaster

I went several years before pulling the trigger on a toaster. (Why waste the counter space on an appliance with only one function?) But if you’re a bagel-lover, waffle connoisseur, and yes, a little toast-obsessed, this sleek machine is worth the space.

Café ™ Express Finish Matte White 2-Slice Toaster, $99 (reg. $149.95)

KitchenAid ® K400 Pistachio Blender

This blender comes in an array of hues (dried rose, milkshake, steel blue), but the pistachio initially drew me in. Then I learned that it offered five speeds, splatter-proof settings, and a dishwasher-safe pitcher, and well—sold.

KitchenAid ® K400 Pistachio Blender, $219.95 (reg. $299.95)

Williams Sonoma

Nothing represents California cool more than Williams Sonoma. With its elegant but laid-back aesthetic, Ina Garten fans can bond over their mutual love of the brand.

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Deep Oven, 5-Qt.

No tool gets more use in my kitchen than my cast iron oven. It’s my go-to for meats, soufflés (they’re easier than you think!), strata and more. Plus, with its glossy finish, I’m proud to display it on my stove.

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Deep Oven, $199.95 (reg. $380)

Breville Smart Oven® Air Fryer

I haven’t yet become an air fryer enthusiast myself, but this one is bound to convince me. With 11 pre-set functions (toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, warm, air-fry, and slow cook) I’m tempted to start from scratch and use this as a replacement for just about… everything.

Breville Smart Oven® Air Fryer, $279.95 (reg. $349.95)

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Blender

If you’re a smoothie, soup, or spread enthusiast, then you know well that Vitamix is the cream of the blender crop. And while the price is still steep, there’s never a better time to invest in your kitchen—and truly, yourself.

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Blender, $574.95 – $624.95 (reg. $649.95 – $699.95)

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine By De’Longhi

Is it just me or is Nespresso having a moment? It seems like every influencer’s morning routine involves a latte courtesy of their Nespresso. And while I’m not one to join in on the trends, in this case, I’ll give it a shot.

Nespresso VertuoPlus, $139.95 (reg. $199.95)

Emile Henry French Ceramic Artisan Ruffled Pie Dish

My ride-or-die gift. Ruffled edges, a gorgeous ceramic build, and a stunning French design. Prepare for pies that are nothing short of perfect.

Emile Henry French Ceramic Artisan Ruffled Pie Dish, $39.95 (reg. $54.95)

Image of Brian and Jessie De Lowe’s kitchen by Michelle Nash


We hit it up at least twice a week and walk out with far more than our lists called for. Target’s a treasure trove of affordable kitchen goods that look wayyy more expensive than they are. Let’s dive into their Black Friday best.

Caraway Home 9pc Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Set

I’ve been *coveting* this set for a couple of years now, and this is the Black Friday that I finally make it mine. I’m opting for sage, but every color’s a stunner.

Caraway Home Cookware Set, $355.50 (reg. $395)

Instant Pot 6qt 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker Bundle

A pressure cooker under $100? Run, don’t walk. You can slow cook, steam, sauté, pressure cook, and even make rice and yogurt. A busy cook’s dream.

Instant Pot, $59.99 (reg. $129.99)

Ninja Hot & Iced Coffee Maker

Whenever I opt for iced coffee at a café, the taste is always watered down. This coffee maker ensures a rich, intense flavor that’s never compromised—hot or cold.

Ninja Hot & Iced Coffee Maker, $99.99 (reg. $159.99)

Staub Ceramic 2-pc Rectangular Baking Dish Set

We love Staub for its quality and design. This baking set (that’s oven, broiler, microwave, and freezer safe) checks off both boxes.

Staub Ceramic Baking Dish Set, $49.95 (reg. $129)

Farmlyn Creek 2 Pack Ceramic 6 Egg Tray Holder

When I started storing eggs in ceramic trays—as opposed to keeping them in their cardboard containers—the look of my entire fridge transformed. Sounds like hyperbole, but just try it and see.

Farmlyn Creek 2 Pack Ceramic 6 Egg Tray Holder, $19.99 (reg. $30.99)

Image by Michelle Nash

Pottery Barn

Classic farmhouse design meets sustainable sourcing and ethical production practices. If you’ve written off Pottery Barn in the past for being too traditional, take a spin around their website—and expect to be blown away.

Santa Claus Mugs

The time is now to break out your holiday gear—and these classic Santa mugs are full of comfy and cozy cheer.

Santa Claus Mugs, $10-$40 (reg. $15-$60)

Bleecker 5-Piece Bar Tool Set

For the aspiring bartenders and mixologists in your life, this bar tool set is the perfect gift. The set includes 1- and 2-ounce jigger cups, a strainer, a spoon, and a bottle opener and holder. What more could you want?

Bleecker 5-Piece Bar Tool Set, $58.50 (reg. $69)

Chateau Handcrafted Acacia Wood Round Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

Pizza nights are the perfect excuse for a gathering year-round. These solid acacia boards elevate the event all the more.

Chateau Handcrafted Acacia Wood Round Cheese & Charcuterie Boards, $47 – $63 (reg. $59-$79)

Quinn Handcrafted Stoneware Meal Bowls (Set of 4), $39 (reg. $49)

We love the look of minimalist stoneware. These handcrafted, artisan bowls are the ideal blend of modern design and timeless style.

Braided Raffia Charger Plate

Charger plates add an accent of texture to your tablescape. Layer on the interest with this handcrafted design.

Braided Raffia Charger Plate, $15 (reg. $19)

Ridge Textured Stoneware Serving Platter

A simple ridged platter is the perfect neutral backdrop to any family-style meal.

Ridge Textured Stoneware Serving Platter, $39 (reg. $49)

Image of Diana Ryu’s kitchen by Teal Thomsen

Our Place

Always Pan Set

The iconic, cult-favorite pan for $50 off! If you haven’t snagged the 8-in-1 multifunctional pan, there’s never been a better time (and I doubt there’s going to be).

Always Pan Set, $95 (reg. $145)

Ovenware Set

Baking, roasting, stovetop cooking, and more all in one well-designed set. If you’re someone who can’t keep your under-the-oven storage clear, meet your solution.

Ovenware Set, $146 (reg. $195)

Night + Day Glasses

Handmade tumblers designed for any type of drink. Whether you’re craving an iced coffee or are celebrating the holidays with an end-of-day spritz, these are the glasses that’ll take you from morning to night.

Night + Day Glasses, $37 (reg. $50)

Knife Trio

While you might be tempted to shell out for a massive knife set, this trio does it all. With a chef’s knife, serrated knife, and paring knife, all your prep tasks, cooking to-do’s, and slicing needs are covered.

Knife Trio, $90 (reg. $170)

Container Collection

Don’t let those leftovers go to waste! Store them in style with these stackable, space-saving glass containers. Fridge glow-up, anyone?

Container Collection, $48 (reg. $65)

Image of Laurel Gallucci’s kitchen by Teal Thomsen

West Elm

Kaloh Stoneware Dinnerware (Set of 20)

If earthy, desert vibes are your thing, this dinner set was made for your table. The set includes dinner plates, salad plates, pasta bowls, cereal bowls, and mugs for design-forward dining.

Kaloh Stoneware Dinnerware (Set of 20), $188.80 (reg. $236)

Horizon Lead-Free Crystal Glassware Sets

Yes to romanticizing every beverage in 2023. These glassware sets make even a little OJ with sparkling water elegant.

Horizon Lead-Free Crystal Glassware Sets, $30.40 (reg. $38)

Riviera Cotton Placemats (Set of 2)

Skip the tablecloth and go simple. These placemats keep the vibe casual and relaxed.

Riviera Cotton Placemats (Set of 2), $16 (reg. $20)

Kaloh Stoneware Bread Box w/ Cutting Board Lid

For those of us who can’t live without a loaf of fresh bread in the house at all times. Double up on the convenience with a maple wood top that moonlights as a cutting board.

Kaloh Stoneware Bread Box w/ Cutting Board Lid, $80 (reg. $100)

Copenhagen Acacia Wood Serveware

Celebrating your snacks! Elevate everyday eats with serving boards that are the perfect match for any cheese and charcuterie situation you can dream up.

Copenhagen Acacia Wood Serveware, $19.99 – $24.99 (reg. $40-$60)

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