Is jasmine blooming where you are? The unmistakable scent of the precious white blooms is filling the streets in Texas, and there’s no better indicator of spring. Though it only sticks around for a few weeks here, the arrival of jasmine never fails to fill me with nostalgia and past memories of Mother’s Day, the first swims of the season, and gearing up for summer vacation. The best thing about this plant? Even once the flowers are gone, the green vines remain lush all year round. I’d love to hear what spring looks like where you live, and even if you don’t have an abundance jasmine, what are the sights and smells that take you down memory lane?

image sources: face in flowers via creactivevancouver cottage by jose mandojana via dwell; the hut window by j. astra brinkmann via tapiture; courtyard from dargan landscape architects; jasmine in ceramin vase by rinne allen; girl in jasmine by lara alegre; jasmine branches from babes in boyland; jasmine flowers via savvy housekeeping; gathering flowers from babes in boyland

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Chanel Dror