Shop the Room: Everything You Need to Re-Create Camille’s Minimal Bookshelf at Home

Simplicity rules.

By Sacha Strebe
bookshelf design

There’s something sentimental about styling a bookshelf. Each piece has a story or ties into your personal aesthetic to weave a new narrative about your life. You might not have thought about your bookshelf design this deeply before but taking time to be reflective, to assess your general mood, and tap into who you are at that moment in time (or how far you’ve come) can be really helpful in the design process.

But, of course, the key to nailing your bookshelf design is to create something you truly love.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than Camille’s very own bookshelf. She went for a more minimalistic design, choosing only the pieces that “sparked joy.” So, read on for Camille’s top four tips for styling a minimal bookshelf, and then keep scrolling to shop the look!

camille styles bookshelf design tips

Lay It All out

Before you even start styling the shelves, lay all of your pieces on the ground or on a table first. This way you can get a visual sense of which pieces pair well together and even arrange them on a flat surface before putting them on the shelf.

Choose Your Favorite Pieces

Once you have them all grouped together, choose your favorite pieces and design combinations, then start adding them to the shelves and experimenting. The key here is to move, arrange, shift, and play with the pieces until you feel good about the arrangement. There are no rules here, just tap into your gut and let your heart lead the way.

Keep It Simple and Let Them Shine

If you are more of a minimalist like Camille then don’t overcomplicate things. If something doesn’t feel right, then take the Coco Chanel approach and remove something from the mix. Trust your aesthetic and allow the individual pieces you have chosen to take center stage. Simple is always best.

Don’t Forget the Books

Now that you’ve styled your shelves with your favorite accessories, it’s time to layer in your books.

Ready to get started? Shop Camille’s bookshelf below:

Gjusta bowl

Gjusta Colectivo 1050 Barro Rojo Handled Bowl

Crate & Barrel Vase

Crate & Barrel Myron Large Speckled Vase

Crate & Barrel vase

Crate & Barrel Burling Mini Rust Vase With Handle

Target Studio McGee Threshold

Target Threshold x Studio McGee Surfside Round Wood End Table

Urban Outfitters woven nesting basket set

Urban Outfitters Woven Nesting Basket Set

Crate & Barrel white vase

Crate & Barrel Euclid Spotted Large White Vase

CB2 travertine knot

CB2 Via Large Travertine Knot

Dear Keaton basket

Dear Keaton Briarwood Large Rush Basket
Jayson Home Black marble bowl

Jayson Home Black Marble Footed Bowl

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