With restaurants closed down and social events cancelled, we’ve all been cooking more than usual. And more time in the kitchen inevitably equals more dishes. In my house, even pre-pandemic, washing dishes rarely landed at the top of anyone’s favorite pastimes. Yet somehow, each day we find ourselves staring at a stack of pots and pans…again.

We’ve decided to lean into it and take a page out of Marie Kondo’s book, by organizing, simplifying and surrounding ourselves with things that spark joy. Even when it comes to doing the dishes.

Turns out, that the stack of plates leftover from last night’s dinner is way more fun when you’re using a minimal wooden scrub brush and fresh striped towel.

Scroll on for truly beautiful kitchen accessories that will help make getting the job done a little bit easier.

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Sinkside Organization 101

  • Start with a pretty tray – this will keep everything visually and practically organized gathered together, plus, it catches any drips.
  • Grab a container for holding scrubbers and brushes – try a mason jar,  beaker, vintage creamer pitcher or soap dish.
  • Cleaners of choice – hand soap + dish soap. I’d love to keep the soap under the sink, but with the frequency I’m doing dishes it’s just not practical. Instead, I choose pretty bottles that I don’t mind leaving out!
image: Sunday Shop

The Tools

Scrubbing off last night’s dinner doesn’t have to be a pain. I’ve fallen in love with natural bristle brushes – they’re efficient, sustainable, and super aesthetically pleasing.

image: June Home Supply

The Suds

Washing away the grime is a little bit more fun when you use a pretty bottle of soap. If I’m not using a bar of soap, I love letting a cute soap dish do double duty as a brush holder! Pro tip: if your soap of choice doesn’t come in a pretty bottle, pour it into an amber glass bottle or an olive oil bottle, to keep your workspace looking pretty.

The Linens

One too many stained tees have taught me that an apron for dishes is an essential.

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