Creating a Personal Photo Album

By Chanel Dror
sweet and simple idea for an engagement photo book

Saturday mornings are a treasured time of the week for me and Eric. We wake up when our bodies tell us to, open the windows (rain or shine), blast some music, then work together to make a breakfast out of whatever ingredients remain in our fridge after the week’s homemade lunches and dinners. The entire saga lasts about two hours, and it’s essential to us both feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

*photography by Buff Strickland

sweet and simple idea for an engagement photo book

When we got engaged, I knew I wanted to use the milestone as an opportunity to document this special time in our lives. I’ve never envisioned myself taking traditional engagement photos — you know the ones: professional hair and makeup, shot at golden hour, looking longingly into each other’s eyes — so instead, we asked Kate LeSueur to come over and capture our real-life selves, doing what we love to do most.

sweet and simple idea for an engagement photo book

I then arranged the photos into a Shutterfly photo book. The idea is that we’ll shoot more “Saturday mornings” in our future, and by continuing to get photo books made, we’ll have a series through which we can reflect on how our home, our lives, and the makeup of our family has changed over time.

sweet and simple idea for an engagement photo book

It goes without saying, Coco plays a leading role in our Saturday morning routine.

clever way to wrap a photo book

I wanted to surprise Eric with the book, but because the hardcover linen book is so gorgeous, I didn’t want to completely conceal it with gift wrap. Instead, I tore a strip of toile wrapping paper, wrapped it around the book, then tied it off with twine and a tag.

toile wrapping paper with twine

I’m so pleased with how it turned out. And for once it’s nice to have my photos off my hard-drive and into a physical, tangible album!

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