For those of us who dread mornings, this swag of eucalyptus will fill the shower with fragrance and might just be the lift we need. Use the blossoms as well as the leaves, if you can find them, as they add the slightest floral touch and bit of color. Three different types of eucalyptus are featured here: Small leaf parvifolia, red gum, and true blue. Including a few varieties like this adds visual interest with different textures, colors, and a variety of fragrances. A swag like this one should last a couple of weeks in the shower. A few eucalyptus stems hanging from the shower spray can be a charming surprise and a lovely way to start the day. Read on to learn how to make a eucalyptus shower bundle for yourself at home.

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Writer, instructor, and Oregon native, Chelsea Fuss learned flower arranging in London. She has styled florals for Kinfolk, New Balance, Schoolhouse Electric, and Bon Appétit. She currently lives in Portugal.

You will need:

—  1 dozen eucalyptus stems, in multiple varieties, some with flowers if possible

—  Florist’s twine, for binding and hanging

How-to make a eucalyptus shower bundle:

1. Purchase the eucalyptus at a flower market. Before arranging, remove the leaves from the bottom portion of the stems.

2. Start by laying the longer stems on the ground for easy composition and to be able to see the full design. Layer medium-length stems over them, and lastly, add the flowers and shorter stems. Finish by adding in a few random stems here and there, alternating the varieties of eucalyptus, so that it isn’t perfectly layered.

3. Bind the bundle securely with twine and hang from the showerhead.

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