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Hayley’s Colorful Beachside Home

We’re officially over neutrals.

By Chanel Dror
a jaw dropping family home in melbourne

Editor’s note: No one has fun with design like the ladies of Kip&Co. As if their cheery textiles weren’t proof enough, when we pulled back the curtain on one third of the stylish entourage last year, we fell in love with the brand even more. Today, another behind-the-scenes look at one of the company’s leading ladies. Hayley Pannekoecke’s colorful home inspires to no end.

12 years ago Hayley and her husband James took the plunge and headed for a sea change on the Australian coast moving to Barwon Heads just 1.5 hours south of Melbourne. James, a surfer, wanted to live seaside, so Hayley had the pick of where they would move and loved the feel of this quaint seaside village. After building a few homes in Barwon Heads the couple were ready to build a new family home and purchased the 1973 mission brown brick home in 2015 and began the project of building a new home for their family.

How did you find your home?

We loved the proximity to the water and the beautiful tree lined street. The town we live in is really small so it was easy to keep our finger on the pulse when it came to purchasing in the area and we had our eye on this street for some time. The build took close to 2 years. We lived on the property during the building process.

We live in a seaside Village with a relatively small population and full of great people. There are a lot of young families and people that have made the escape to a sea change.  We have great surf beaches and a beautiful river in the town. Barwon Heads is a popular holiday and weekend destination for people living in Melbourne.

Who are your dream house guests?

My family. I like things easy, fun,  familiar and simple.

bar stools from replica; rug from kip&co; light from weylandts; chandelier from jardan

Describe your home in 5 words or less:

Bright, warm, eclectic, homely

How do you balance having a kid-friendly home with high-end design?

I’m not sure you can!  Haha Our home is far from high end design.  It’s practical and really liveable

Which came first: your interior design style or the Kip&Co brand? 

Definitely my own personal style.  Kip&Co just enables me the luxury of creating pieces that satisfy my own tastes

What’s your favorite spot in the house?

Probably my bathroom. It feels a bit Moroccan and I love the bath James made, the pink hexagon floor tiles, and my French gold taps. I wanted parquetry floors to flow throughout the bedroom and bathroom but it all became too hard unfortunately and building regulations took the fun out of it all.

What interior design advice to you have when it comes to layering color and pattern?

I get tired of white walls and always feel like coloured walls make decorating easier as the room is already spoken for in a way.  My decorating style is a bit of an eclectic jumble so I like mixing it up anyway.

quilts, pillows and rug by kip&co

rug and bedding from kip&co

What was the design inspiration for your home?

We didn’t have a huge amount of inspo. James and I designed the home and it just came together over several months of talking and drawing on past building experiences. We both love natural fibers and textures so this had to be a big part of it, and I had my heart set on a loft and round glass windows.

What is your favorite way to utilize your outdoor space?

BBQs with friends and afternoons by the pool or pottering in the veggie garden.

Fill in the blank: A well-designed home should _______ 

Enhance your life and living