Holiday Wrapping Essentials We’re Loving This Year

Put a bow on it.

By Phoebe Neuman
DIY gifts for christmas

Growing up, holiday gift wrapping in my house took place in the few frantic hours between Christmas Eve shopping and heading out to our annual family holiday party. Cue stressed parents, paper cuts, and a hodgepodge of gifts (lovingly) decked out in mismatched wrapping paper, newspaper, and whatever else my dad could get his hands on. To be honest, my siblings and I couldn’t have cared less what our presents were tied up with. But, I’ve learned from my parents’ procrastinating and as an adult, really appreciate the art of keeping gift-wrapping essentials on hand to eliminate a bit of holiday stress.

Let’s be real: having cute gift wrap on hand will make tackling the pile of presents a LOT more fun (regardless of your wrapping skills).

With that in mind, we’ve combed this year’s selections for the cutest gift wrap essentials you can order online. So make your list and let’s get wrapping.

image via target

Wrapping Paper

Whether you’re a fan of a perfectly cohesive cluster of presents under the tree or love a more eclectic look, having the right wrapping paper on hand is key. Going for a bold pattern like the ones included in our roundup above means you can go minimal on the extras, but sticking to something more plain lets your accessories (which we’ll get to in a minute) take center stage.

image via always rooney

Bags and Boxes

If the thought of wrapping even the most basic box has you reaching for the eggnog, gift bags and boxes are your friend. Leverage boxes to help camouflage awkwardly shaped items (basketball, we’re looking at you) or to give smaller presents a little bit more – well – presence under the tree. Bags are great for softer items like clothes, and, of course those bottles of your favorite wine you’re giving to all of your girlfriends.

image via cultivate create


There’s something about a gift wrapped up in brown paper and topped off with stunning (or sparkly!) ribbon that is just so satisfying. So this year, ditch the standard red and green shiny ribbon, and go for something with a little bit more flair instead. We’re particularly partial to the pompom and crushed velvet numbers included above – both of which will look great no matter what wrapping paper you pair them with.

image via rain and pine

Gift Tags

A sharpie will always be a gift-wrappers best friend, but when it comes to upping your stash of holiday gift-wrapping essentials, gift tags and stickers are key. They add that perfect bit of extra flair to each gift (and can help mask a quickly tied bow), and ensure no one unwraps the wrong present.

Wrap gift cards with paper doilies and ribbonimage by chanel dror

Festive Extras

There will always be a time and a place for white tissue paper, but this year, why not get extra festive this year? The playful designs below are still versatile enough to tuck into any bag or line any box, but are more than able to stand on their own (pro tip: tissue paper is an excellent way to wrap awkwardly shaped things like candles, wine bottles, and more). Add in some pretty tape and a bauble or two and you’ll be giving Martha Stewart a run for her money in no time.