Ashley Merrill knows a thing or two about living comfortably. As the founder of the modern loungewear line Lunya, she spends her days perfecting the art of lounging (hello washable silk robes and linen rompers!). And when she’s off the clock, she heads home to the Malibu beach house she shares with her husband and children, where the cozy, pared-back aesthetic of her brand comes fully to life. Since moving into the breezy home two years ago, Ashley has transformed the space into a place where she can always tap into a vacation state of mind.

It’s a vibe that her home’s killer views of the Pacific Ocean, breezy light wood accents, and swaths of creamy white textiles certainly help achieve.

Read on to discover Ashley’s take on beach living, and how to bring a little bit of Zen into every space (ocean views not required).

How did you end up in this beautiful beach house?

We purchased our home in Malibu on the beach when the kids were young and we were working so much that travel was out of the question. The house allowed us to have a “home away from home” and attempt to turn our brains off a little.

Who are your dream house guests?

I would love to meet Charlie Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror.

What was your biggest design challenge for the space?

The scale of the communal rooms made balance hard.

What’s your number one interior design tip?

Don’t feel the need to fill the space with things that don’t move you. If every piece is fabulous, you will love the outcome.

What are your favorite design resources?

Instagram and Pinterest! I love to follow Kirill Bergart, Valentina Ullberg, Nathan Lindberg, InteriorGlobe, Elena Caratnicid, and many more!

Tell us about your amazing ocean view!

The view basically sold us on the whole house. Nature is the best way to recharge in my opinion. I feel grateful to be able to experience nature a stone’s throw away.

What are your favorite places to shop for furniture and décor?

Charish, Pomono, Hem, TRNK, and Saatchi are among my faves.

Fill in the Blank: A well designed home should represent you.

What inspired you to create Lunya?

Lunya was inspired by personal experience. I wanted something that allowed me to feel comfortable and confident at home.

How does Lunya inspire your home (and vice-versa)?

Lunya is an extension of my less-is-more mindset. I love minimalism and feel like the cool modern vibes of Lunya can work in so many styles. I use the bedrooms in my home as an opportunity to showcase design inspiration and show how seamlessly Lunya can integrate into any space.

Describe your home in five words or less.

Modern, clean, minimal, family, relaxation.

What’s your favorite spot in the house?

The bedroom! Always — and the view doesn’t hurt.

How does comfort and relaxation play into your design inspiration?

This is a home entirely oriented around communal spaces. I wanted things to feel modular and comfortable, so there are lots of plush textures and oversized pieces. I went for a lot of white, which can be risky, but I used all washable fabrics to keep it easy for living with a family.

What is your favorite way to spend time at home?

I love hanging with the kids. Actually, my favorite moments are when we are all together, but all doing our own things.

What was the design inspiration for decorating this house?

I was inspired by the ocean. I know that feels obvious, but it was the obvious focal feature of this house, so we really oriented everything around that.

Any other final thoughts on your home?

I love mixing high and low and sometimes throwing in something that is a little unexpected. In my home and in our bedrooms, you will always see a little something that has a wink to it to keep things playful.

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    Carol Adams | February 5, 2020 at 1:48 am

    Where are the knitted floor cushions/chairs from in pictures 11 and 12? Thanks!

    • Joyce ThompsonJ | July 23, 2020 at 10:30 am

      I’d like to know about the knitted floor cushion/chairs too. Where can you purchase them?

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