When the comfort of indoor furniture meets the magic of a summer breeze, it’s a beautiful thing. That’s why this time of year, you can find us with doors wide open at just about any given time. The perfect place to lounge — margarita or rosé in hand — is one where the indoors flow seamlessly into the outside world, and the two become one. Thanks to the popularity of open concept living, it’s not hard to find spots that hit that mark, and we’ve featured quite a few inspirational spaces here on Camille Styles that are giving me all the summery feels. Scroll for a few that’ll have you rethinking your next home renovation, or tropical destination.

Jordan Higa’s screened-in home with a view, in Honolulu’s Manoa Valley.

The kitchen-to-garden flow in Monique Gibson’s New York home provides a total city escape.

This open air palapa can be found at Same Same But Different in Baja, a small hotel with a big vision.

Scott Parks’ mid-century balcony is picture perfect in the heart of Dallas.

We’d like to check in to Kate Holstein’s Villa Palmier and never, ever leave.

Classic french doors serve as a sweet transition from Joyce Downing Pickens’s kitchen to her brick-paved patio.

photo by Kristen Kilpatrick for Austin Fit Mag

Pull back the accordion-style doors that separate Camille’s living room and terrace to create one continuous indoor-outdoor space.

This modern-meets-bucolic scene is the stuff of dreams. I’d expect nothing less from Miranda Brooks and Atelier AM.

How unexpected is the facade of Alex McCabe’s Melbourne home? Indoor and outdoor become one once the large glass doors are pulled back.

Add “having a pool house” to my bucket list. Like Celine, I need a dedicated structure for summertime splashing and entertaining.

This modern tropical home in Bali is a total dream. Full sized trees stand tall in the living room, bringing the outdoors in.

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