Last month we spent the most magical week in Malibu, and over the course of our time there it became one of my favorite getaway spots ever. I did tons of research and polled all my friends before the trip, so today I’m teaming up with my friends at HomeAway to share the ultimate guide to Malibu.

Keep scrolling for my list of recommendations on where to stay, eat, shop, and play in Malibu:

STAY // Steal $

Luxurious Oceanfront Retreat

Cottage in an Olive Grove

Spanish-Style Casita

STAY // Splurge $$$

Here’s where we stayed – it was unbelievable!

Oceanfront Modern Paradise

Luxe Beachfront House

Mediterranean Villa

EAT // Steal $

+ Reel Inn – You’ve got to eat at one of Malibu’s classic seafood shacks, and this one is my favorite. Choose your catch of the day at the walk-up counter, then spend the afternoon on the sunny patio with a pitcher of margaritas.

+ Tallula’s – This charming spot just opened right down the Pacific Coast Highway, and it’s such a fun spot for ceviche and fish tacos in baja-inspired surfer chic surroundings.

+ Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine – We picked up Thai takout here on a whim one night, and were totally unprepared for obsessed we’d become with this place. You don’t come for the atmosphere, but the authentic eats make it a can’t-miss spot. We loved the tom yum soup, papaya salad, pad thai, and panang curry, but I really don’t think you could go wrong.

EAT // Splurge $$$

+ Malibu Farm – I try to come here every time I’m in LA: the casual farm-to-table eats (think elevated tacos, salads, and burgers) taste even better thanks to the oceanfront view from its spot on the Malibu pier.

+ Nobu – This is the spot to go for a swanky night out: celeb-spotting, fancy sushi, and ocean breezes included. Get dressed up and make your reservations early.

+ Little Beach House Malibu – I’m still trying to figure out how to take the interiors of this stunning location and transport them straight into my house. It’s impeccably designed, but you wouldn’t know it via social media thanks to the venue’s strict “no photos” policy (you know, for the famous peeps.) Find a connected friend who can get you into this members-only spot for their epic Sunday feasts.


+ Ranch at the Pier – Located at the end of the pier, this is like the incredibly stylish version of a classic hotel beach shop. Gorgeous candles, blankets, and yes, even sandcastle buckets, it’s the place to stock up on your Malibu essentials.

+ Malibu Country Mart – When you need a break from the beach, head to this outdoor mall for higher-end shopping (Oliver Peoples) and more basic (Sephora.) There’s also a Soulcycle, outdoor playground that’s great for kids, and Taverna Tony for a great Greek lunch al fresco.

+ Malibu Beach House – In the beach house of my dreams, this is where I go to furnish it. Gorgeous textiles, candles, bedding, and accessories… I want it all.

+ Sunroom – I couldn’t leave out this brand new outpost of one of my favorite Austin-based boutiques! Sunroom is full of those pieces that are at once sexy, lounge-y, chic – and basically like stepping into the closet of your most well-dressed friend.

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+ Learn to surf. Surf schools are a dime a dozen in Malibu, but Malibu Surf Shack is a reliable pick.

+ Go for a hike. There are so many incredible hiking spots in Malibu. Here’s a great list! 

+ Malibu Wine Safaris. We didn’t have time to check this unique Malibu experience off our list, but I’m intrigued.

+ Malibu Farmer’s Market. Every Sunday, rain or shine. Stock up on local fruits and veggie from the area’s many incredible local farms.

+ Hit up a public beach. We loved the morning we spent at Zuma Beach, watching the surfers, wandering around and letting the kids play in the sand.

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