Incense Valentines

By Jenn Rose Smith
DIY Incense Valentines

really cute (and totally affordable) idea!

We worked with designer Sarah Contrucci Smith to create these fun incense party favors. Inspired by her indigo-and-cream textile designs at Ara Collective , this favor was the perfect table dressing during her Blue Valentine Girl’s Night (see the full party here). All you need is a stick of incense, a hole punch, and a home printer to create this simple valentine. Read on for our instructions and the free printable template!

DIY Incense Valentines


  • white cardstock paper
  • home printer
  • incense sticks
  • scissors
  • small sized hole punch
  • blue ribbon
  • our free printable templates (see below)!

really cute (and totally affordable) idea!


  1. Print out our free printable templates onto white cardstock paper:
  2. Cut out each double-heart shape (but be sure and leave them connected at the “top”!)
  3. Fold the heart shape over.
  4. Write a secret message to your Valentine inside the card (optional).
  5. Take the hole punch and create two holes placed diagonally across the folded card. Make sure the hole goes through both layers of the card.
  6. Thread the stick of incense through the holes.
  7. Decorate the end of the stick of incense with a blue ribbon.

really cute (and totally affordable) idea!top image image by kate zimmerman. all others photographed by molly winters