In case you’re not up to speed, our executive producer Chanel is tying the knot with her longtime beau Eric in just two short weeks. Oh, and did I mention? We’re all going to France for the wedding. (!!!)  Obviously, we’re giddy with anticipation right now in the office — flights purchased, outfits planned, and we really can’t think about anything else. We’re all turning our trips into extended European vacations, and since we’ve got a publication to run in the meantime we’ve decided to stagger our time off so that we’re not all gone at once. Lucky me — I’m the first to leave tomorrow at noon. I’ll be hitting Budapest, Munich, the Swiss Alps, and my beloved Paris all before Chanel’s wedding in the Loire Valley. I’m especially excited for Paris. It’s a city I could easily visit every year forever. It’s such a rich, layered place… I think everyone falls in love with their own version of it. For me, it’s less about macaroons and pastels and more about the darker, clandestine Paris that happens at night. The wine, the cheese, the indulgence! I’ll never forget my first visit to the red-soaked bar at the Hotel Costes — this wonderful smell of rum and roses and cigarettes. It’s a very sexy interior, and the French do that like no one else. We’ve already made our reservations to stay there again and I’m counting down the days. By that time, Chanel and Camille will have made their ways to France as well. Thank you Chanel and Eric, for inspiring this wonderful adventure and for giving me the chance to finally use this line:

Meet me in Paris.


image sources: girl in red cloak by tim walker, guide secret de paris via zsa zsa bellagio, girl in white tulle from the valentino spring 2016 collection, detail of costume design from the phantom of the opera, hotel costes interior by peter stray, very old french church found via pinterest, girl with black tulle by maciek kobiels for wsj magazine  hands in dark water found via pinterest, girl in black velvet dress by mert alas and marcus piggot for vogue paris, girl with white horse by tim walker


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