How to Deck Out Your Front Porch Like a Floral Designer

By Chanel Dror
amazing front porch decor for fall

Editor’s note: We often wonder if there’s anything Mia Carameros can’t do. The designer and artist is one of our favorite creative gals about town, so when we heard she’d moved into a charming Austin bungalow, we couldn’t wait to see what she’d do with the place. Today she’s giving us a first look with a dreamy fall makeover for her front porch. With the help of floral designer Sarah Reichert, Mia crafted a floral wreath that looks gorgeous fresh, and is expected to look even more beautiful when it’s dried. Tell us how you did it, ladies!

From Mia: Ever since I moved in to my tiny little house with the blue door I have been dreaming about all the ways I could dress up my front porch for every holiday season (seriously, I even dreamed up how I can decorate for Valentines day — picture layers of hand cut paper heart garlands tied from end to end). Will cooler temps on the horizon, I’ve been recalling a garland I saw last year when I was in Italy in San Gemini on the first day of Fall, or as the locals call it “Primo groin d’Autunno.”

*photos by Hannah Grace Photography

Mia: I sent my inspiration to my lovely and talented friend Sarah to see if could enlist her help to make it all come together. Here’s how we took the inspiration and transformed it into a wreath…

Sarah: Wreaths are such a simple and fun way to add a little warmth and coziness to your home, and fall is the best season to do it! Mia’s inspiration was a beautiful starting point for this project and I couldn’t wait to help her bring it to life.

First get your supplies in order:

  • floral wire
  • garden clippers
  • skewers/chopsticks
  • a wreath base

We got the greenery, grasses, and fall blooms at our local flower wholesale, but you can also find great items at your neighborhood grocery store! When selecting your blooms, think about how they will dry and age on your wreath. Choose leafy branches, textural grasses, berries, and fruit that will also look good dried and weathered.

To begin the wreath, I picked one type of foliage to act as the base. Simply snip the stems to size and tuck into your wreath base.

Fasten with floral wire as needed. Keep snipping and tucking until you’ve gone around the whole base and are satisfied with the size and shape.

Mia: We made this wreath on the first Sunday that actually felt like fall, so we opened the doors to the back porch and moved my kitchen table outside to work (I’m leaving my table outside for the fall – I’ve been eating breakfasts on it outside every morning since!) We jammed to Whitney and the new Solange album. It was a  lovely day.

Sarah: The base we chose is a dried grapevine I picked up from Trader Joe’s. You can find wire wreath bases at any craft store.

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Next, add all of the textural and accent elements. You can create a uniform pattern or keep it more asymmetrical. There is no wrong or right way to design it — just have fun!

For larger elements, like our persimmons, simply skewer the fruit with chopsticks and tuck those into the wreath. You may have to secure them with wire, as well, since they can be heavy.

Once you are satisfied with your finished wreath, fasten it to your entry way with a nail and ribbon or adhesive hooks!

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We have total fall porch envy. Tell us about your charming house, Mia.

Mia: My house was built in 1940’s and was originally a 1/1 (tiny!). At some point they added an addition that included a master suite, master bathroom and master closet.

I keep envisioning this little house in a remote tiny town on the East Coast — I want it house to feel warm and cozy and inviting. Not precious, but lived in.

I also love that this house has its own story, and that if the walls could talk, they would share so many memories and moments that were quiet and went unnoticed by others. I feel honored to live in a house that has be a home for 76 years.

Thanks so much, Mia and Sarah! We absolutely love the way your fall wreath turned out!