Miami Beach

By Chanel Dror
miami beach inspiration

miami beach inspiration

After weeks of agonizing over where to travel over the long Labor Day weekend (woe is me!), we finally came to a decision: Miami Beach, baby. Seriously, what’s not to love about this place? With endless beaches, fresh seafood at every corner, and art and shopping galore, just a few visits have landed this city at the top of my list of favorite weekend getaways. Add in classic art-deco architecture and vibrant Caribbean flair, and a short flight east to this locale is enough to make me feel like I’m in another country altogether. Since we’re aiming for a relaxing and rejuvenating trip this time around, I’m excited to be staying at the new Metropolitan by COMO — the crisp interiors and zen-inducing spa make it look like a total breath of fresh air, which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Other than that we don’t have much planned, so for all my fellow Miami-lovers, I’d love to get your recommendations of must-sees, must-eats and must-dos in the comments section below!

image sources: striped pool chairs; kate mosspink hotel; palm trees; aerial beach view (original source unknown); congress hotel; model in hat; the raleigh pool barart deco building