Ah, the magic of googly eyes. How is it that they’re so simple, yet as soon as they’re placed on any inanimate object, it’s brought to life? I love testing that theory around the office — sticking googlies on computers and soda cans and lampshades — and it’s proven true every single time. So for Halloween this year, I thought: why not use googly eyes to transform plain paper bags into lovable little monsters? Add a couple wooden clothespins for ears and paper triangles for teeth, and voila! The scariest little vessel for all those sweet Halloween treats. Scroll down for the details!

*photography by Molly Winters

DIY Monster Favor Bags


  • small paper gift bags
  • off-white card stock paper
  • scissors or a paper cutter
  • parchment paper or wax paper
  • hot glue or craft glue
  • googly eyes
  • small wooden clothespins

  1. Cut card stock into small equilateral triangles, where each side is approximately 3/4 inch.
  2. Slip a small piece of parchment paper into the bag. Use a tiny dot of glue to attach the "teeth" onto the inner edge of the bag opening. The parchment paper will keep the glue from transferring to the other side of the bag and sealing it shut. Once dry, remove the parchment paper.
  3. Pop the bag open and fold the top over as pictured. Crease along the top.
  4. Use hot glue to attach googly eyes. Play with combining different sizes and changing up the placement.
  5. Fill bag with candy, cookies or any other favor, then use small wooden clothespins on the corners to clip shut and mimic "ears."
  6. Enjoy!

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Chanel Dror