I went into making this DIY fully intent on gifting the necklaces to little Phoebe, but by the time they were finished, she practically had to pry them out of my hands. They just turned out too adorable, and the sweet sorbet colors of those beads make them look borderline delicious… I couldn’t bear the thought of handing them over! So before we go any further, take my advice: if you decide to make one of these necklaces for a child in your life, try not to get too attached.

*photography by Molly Winters

Then again, crafting these would be a perfect indoor activity for the kids to do on their own — you’ll just want to purchase tassels ahead of time since making your own is a bit tricky. Otherwise, the steps couldn’t be easier, and how cute would one of these necklaces look on just about any summertime outfit for an added splash of bohemian flare? Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions…

Kids’ Moroccan Tassel Necklace



  1. Repeatedly wrap thread around cardboard square until it reaches half the desired thickness of your tassel -- I recommend between 50 - 100 times -- then, cut thread to detach from the spool.
  2. Cut a piece of thread that's at least 6" long. Thread it between the cardboard and wrapped thread as pictured, then cinch and tie tightly to secure. Carefully slide wrapped thread off of cardboard, maintaining the loop shape.
  3. In one hand, hold the loop in place by pinching right where the thread is cinched. With the other hand, slide scissors into the loop, pull it taught, and cut through the thread to "break" the circle. Keep the sides folded down, and the cinch on top.
  4. Cut another piece of thread about 10" long. Just beneath the cinch, wrap the thread around the entire shape several times and knot to secure. The cinching thread from step #2 should be at the very top of your tassel.
  5. With small pliers, separate a jump ring and loop under the cinching thread at the top of the tassel. Use the pliers to pinch the jump ring shut, ensuring there's no space left.
  6. Once all your tassels are made, begin assembling necklaces by sliding beads onto a cut piece of jewelry cord.
  7. Alternate between beads and tassels to achieve your desired pattern.
  8. Ensure your cord is cut to the right length, and attach a clasp ring to one end, and a jump ring to the other.

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Chanel Dror