After seeing what Chanel was able to create with our new Sprout, I couldn’t wait to try my hand at the nifty new computer from HP. With crazy cool scanning capabilities, the possibilities are truly endless (seriously, just browse the #GoMakeThings hashtag on instagram and see for yourself). I found that the Sprout was particularly useful for creating complex, wallpaper-like patterns, so I decided to dress up my desk drawers with some fun homemade liners. First, I needed to experiment with scanning some different objects around the house:

photographed by jessica attie

I started by using the touch mat to take some 2d captures of a silk rose. I rotated and rearranged the rose for each scan to build a library of varying images. The Sprout allows you to approve or reject each scan it takes, so you can build out a solid image library of good photos to use for your projects.

Next, I couldn’t wait to try out the 3d Capture Stage accessory from HP. When connected to the Sprout, the capture stage creates full three-dimensional scans of objects. It works very well for scanning light-colored, organic shapes like the seashells I used in my project.



After I scanned in my seashell, I was able to use my fingers to rotate and scale the object on the Sprout monitor — how cool is that? I then saved 2d images of the shell from various angles to add to my image library.

Now for the really fun part: I created a  new project and was able to drag images from my library onto the touch mat. Once on the mat, 2d images can be scaled, rotated, and arranged using your fingers. I went back and took some more scans of green leaves to help fill in my rose design.

I created a second project using the images of shells I created from my 3d scan. Once I had finalized the design for each project, I saved them as jpegs and was able to send them straight to our home printer. Voila! Instant wallpaper.

I printed out multiple copies of each design and carefully taped them inside my desk drawers, making sure to match up the pattern.

I love the way my drawers turned out — such a fun and unexpected bit of color for a glossy white desk. It’s hard not to keep thinking of even more projects we could use the Sprout to create… In the meantime we’ll be obsessively scanning pretty things around the office to add to our image library.

You can download our drawer liner patterns here!

seashell liner

rose garden liner

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